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Thu May 2 02:32:27 MDT 1996

>On Fri, 26 Apr 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:
>> The maoists see for some reason their are revolutionary classes other then
>> the proletariat. That is what all this stuff about "peoples war" really
>> You do not want to arm the proletariat as the only revolutionary class! You
>> are always trying to find partners. The proletariat has time and again been
>> sold down the drain with tjhis idealogy. It has been the grave digger of
>> most revolutionary situations since 1917. Perhaps the only time this policy
>> was not used by the Stalinists was in Germany whern Stalin made the Social
>> Democrats the main enemy in a brief "red front" period. This led to the
>> destruction of the German Proletariat and probably a lot of good communists
>> who followed that line.
>> [........]
>> All talk of multi revolutionary classes is to throw sand in the eyes of the
>> only really revolutionary class the proletariat..
>> The bottom line in the fight between you and luis and i is this
>> question.Your bottom line is not proletarian revolution by the working class
>> but peoples revolution with revolution of classes in the plural. This line
>> means making a deal with the class enemy and ultimately of stabbing the
>> revolutionary proleatriat in the back comrades.
>> No way my friends. Anybody that sees more then one revolutionary class then
>> the one i belong to is going to betray us..
>> malecki in exile...
>	"In our day," said the great Lenin, "war becomes people's war."
>"...Let us raise aloft the banner of civil war!" "...THE PROLETARIAN
>PETTY-BOURGEOIS....."{emphasis added} (V.I Lenin, "The Position and Tasks
>of the Socialist International," written November 1, 1914, in Collected
>Works Vol.21 and in "Against Revisionism," Moscow, 1959, 210 at 214-215.
>Glory to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
Yeah, but he never said anything about making deals with the "anti-imperialist"
liberal bourgeoisie. That in fact is maoist menshevism and not Leninisn.
There is a big difference in Lenins line of The proletarian vanguard and the
Bolshevik party leading a war with the semi-proletarians and the Maoist
menshevik line of doing exactly the opposite.

malecki in exile

Long live Leninism and the Bolshevik party.

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