Louis P & custard pies

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Thu May 2 02:32:58 MDT 1996

>On Wed, 1 May 1996, Hugh Rodwell wrote:
>> Why do you always slip into such vulgar, personal tirades? Not that I'd
>> dream of unsubbing you for it. Your own image as 'a serious revolutionary
>> rather than a scribbler' would be helped no end if you could control the
>> habit.
Louis wrote:
>Louis: Hugh, I work very hard to make a contribution to this list. I work
>at an institution that has a research library and I do the best I can to
>gather the best information I can from it to raise the political level of
>the list. Malecki doesn't have access to these resources but he does have
>access to a very important resource that he seems to be little interested
>in: the politics of Sweden.


Look louis,
You have been obnoxious and very unpolitical. In fact most of your history
lessons i have read. But the key questions that are being raised here. You
answer with only insults.

Not only malecki, but Jim as well gets your insults.

Anytime somebody tries to take up in political context your writtings about
Nicaragua for example. You start foaming from the mouth.

Give a clear politica reply to Jim about the SWP article. That would be helpful.

Give us a clear position on Aldolfo,s maoist menshevism and multi class line
in Peru. Do you agree or disagree and why..

Is that to much to ask.

Or are you just going to whine about certain people on this list..

malecki in exile...

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