Attempts ko keep subversive carrier "RIMitz" afloat

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Attempts ko keep subversive carrier "RIMitz" afloat  [Posted: 02.05.96]

I'm posting this to newsgroups and also to the Jefferson Virginia
Marxism list.

Internationally, the struggle to unite the consistent proletarian
revolutionary forces on the basis of the correct line of Marx, Lenin
and Mao Zedong and to sink completely that big "aircraft carrier" of
subversion against the revolutionary forces, the "RIMitz" ("Revolutionary
Internationalist Movement"), which is based on the phoney"Marxist"
reactionary "RIM Declaration" of 1984 and whose leaders, the "CoRIM",
have been stabbing the Peruvian revolution in the back quite openly for
more than two years now, continues.

Here in Malmoe, Sweden, for instance, where this struggle has
been quite intensive, as reported in earlier postings, the two
sides also confronted each other in in their respective propaganda
yesterday, on 1 May 1996.

I for my part, in addition to my disseminating a 2nd edition of the
leaflet INFORMATIONSBLAD No. 26, which argues why the entire
capitalist and imperialist system in the world must be overthrown
and why the workers here in Sweden must unite with those in other
countries and with the oppressed peoples to do this, also
disseminated copies in English of the recent call for a World Wide
Mobilisation Commission to defend the revolution in Peru, and made
propaganda for and distributed the latest edition (No. 33) of the
Spanish-language monthly (now bi-weekly) El Diario Internacional.

The local die-hard defenders of the RIMitz leaders, led by that
long-since exposed reactionary Mr. "Traficante Politico" whom I've
mentioned in earlier postings, who has important connections to
subversive elements also in other European countries, who is one
of the leading protagonists in these parts of the foul boycott of El
Diario Internacional and whose vilification of the Marxists, of me
in particular, recently was quite openly defended, applauded and
agreed to by Mr. Luis Quispe, chief editor of the New Flag, New York
City, disseminated some material here in Malmoe too on this 1 May.

Incidentially, none of these opposing forces, neither I and my
comrades and friends in the IEC-Malmoe and the Sol-Peru and MPP groups
here nor the Traficante Politico clique, were among those
who had a large enough following to be able to organize a
demonstration here in Malmoe on 1 May this year. Various more
or less openly revisionist forces still are able to dominate the scene
here in this respect. Hypocritical "worker" demonstrations were
organized by the social-democratic party which forms the present
bourgeois government in Sweden, by the revisionist "Left Party" which
some years ago even deleted the earlier phoney references to "communism"
in its programme and by the pro-Russian-new-tsarist
and also pro-US-imperialist phoney"Marxist" group "KPML(r)".

The two last-mentioned were attacked once more as camouflaged
Rightist forces in my main leaflet. The "KPML(r)" clique is the one
which Mr T.P. "accused" me of "splitting" and called "progressive",
as quoted and applauded by Mr. Quispe in one of his attacks on me
sent to the Marxism list recently. I exposed it with a pamphlet in 1974,
when it was still calling itself "KFML(r)" and pretended to be pro-
Mao Zedong. From 1975 on it openly attacked chairman Mao. It's
bing kept alive by the massive covert support of the bourgeoisie,
and although it hardly fools any workers any more, on occasions
such as 1 May can still present a certain discrediting picture: "This
is what a revolutionary organisation looks like!", which cannot but
disgust those who might think this is true.

Although the genuine proletarian revolutionary forces are still in a
very small minority among those calling themseves such - and this
not only here in small Malmoe but internationally too - since the
massively outnumbered reactionaries in the world see it as an
absolute necessity for them to create confusion on a giant scale -
it undoubtedly is those genuine forces who in the end will prevail.
The saying, known even in bourgeois circles: "You cannot fool all
the people all the time", is perfectly true.

The clique led by Mr. T.P. on its part disseminated a leaflet and a
small pamphlet. The leaflet contained an undated but obviously recent
so-called "statement" by the "CoRIM" in which these subversionists
and open traitors i.a. pretended to "support" the initiation of people's
war in Nepal and the armed struggle of the Peruvian people. The "CoRIM"
here once more repeated its lie about a "two-line struggle" within the
PCP concerning the infamous "peace accord" hoax, once more trying to
cover up the fact that this hoax from beginning to end was a plot by the
intelligence services the SIN and the CIA.

In their pamphlet the T.P. clique, under the name of "MPP, Sweden",
which however comrades here have informed me is a phoney
designation, once more touched on the "peace accord" hoax, now
saying it was *both* an intelligence service plot *and* a "Right
opportunist  line", with which the intelligence service "cooperated"
- but this is only an "improved" version of the same old lie. An
important part of their pamphlet was dedicated to defending the
"RIM" and in particular its now completely exposed leaders, the
"CoRIM", and attacking those who have exposed them.

The pamphlet i.a. states (in my translation): "Today there are some
people who are accusing the RIM and/or the Committee of the RIM
of being opportunist, but these accusations go against what was
eatablished by documents and metings of the PCP. At present, it's
Luis Arce Borja who is spearheading these sinister attacks against
the RIM and he's doing this with articles in El Diario Internacional,
on the Internet and mendacious letters which of course have been
repudiated by the MPP and the great majority."

As all those know who have followed the recent debate on the open
capitulationism of the "CoRIM" and on the important call for a World Wide
Mobilisation Commission to defend the revolution in Peru, this mendacious
attack tries to put everything upside-down. And it should be noted that Mr.
Quispe, who in the last 3-4 months has stated his support for El Diario
Internacional, at the same time quite recently
very heatedly has *defended* precisely *this clique* here in Malmoe who
openly are attacking it and who in particular also are attacking
me, since I for two years now have been contributing to the public
exposure of the "CoRIM":s treason and i.a. since March '95 have
been distributing El Diario Internacional, which has done the same.

In this connection there is an important problem which I on my
part have only incomplete information and which I cannot tell
more precisely how to solve. This is the problem of that serious
error which the PCP made in 1984 by agreeing to Avakian's
proposal that it sign his and others' phoney"Marxist", in reality
reactionary, "RIM Declaration" of the same year, an error which
unfortunately has continued on the part of the PCP - up until
which point in time I'm unable to tell. I ask all comrades who
perhaps know more about recent documents of the PCP - actual
and not faked ones of course - to provide information on this point,
if they can.

In their pamphlet, the Malmoe T.P. clique continued: "Here below,
we have some excerpts from documents and party meetings in
which the position of the PCP on this question" [that of the "RIM"
and its "leaders"] "are reflected clearly". And then they proceed
to - supposedly, at least - quote, first from some earlier documents
but also 1) from a letter, or a supposed letter, of February 1994, and
2) from something which they call "The January 1995 Document".

In the (faked or genuine?) letter of February 1994, the CC of the PCP
"expresses", to the "CoRIM", "our profound joy at the RIM's having
stated as it guiding ideology Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as new,
third and higher stage....". This obviously would refer to one of the
two statements issued by "the RIM" (as such, not by the "CoRIM")
on 26.12.93. But didn't the CC of the PCP at the time know that in
the other statement of that date, one of so-called "support for the
People's War in Peru", "the RIM" vilely stabbed precisely that CC in
the back by pointedly omitting all mention of its vital recent
declaration, that of 07.10.93, which exposed the "peace accord"
hoax.? Didn't they know that "the RIM" in fact at that time was very
busy *covering-up* that intelligence service plot?

(I pointed at this action, of stabbing those very people in the back
whom "the RIM" at the same time "smiled at" and pretended quite
particularly to support, in my 12.08.94 article which was later,
on 01.01.96, posted on the Net as "UNITE! Info #3en".)

In the (faked or genuine?) January 1995 Document, as quoted(?)
by the T.P. clique here in Malmoe, somebody (it isn't clearly stated
who, but the inference seems to be that it's the CC of the PCP)
among other things states that "The Communist Parties, the
Revolutionary Internationalist Movement"[!] "and the peoples of the
world have advanced this celebration" [of the Mao Zedong
centenary, on 26.12.93] "as the never-fading milestone of victory".

How are these two documents to be judged, as fakes or are they
genuine? It would IMO be a good thing if those comrades who
perhaps know more about this, or are in a better position to make
a judgement of it than I am, would inform me and others on these

The imperialists of course are doing all they can to cut off the
lines of communication between the PCP and its genuine supporters
in other countries. For the revolutionaries it's necessary somehow
to break through this blockade. Whichever mistakes, concerning
the various forces internationally, which the comrades of the PCP
may still be continuing to make, because of a lack of information on
their part, of course need to be pointed out to them so that they can
be corrected. And conversely, we who support the People's War in Peru
led by the PCP and who are advocating international proletarian
revolution need to know the standpoints of those comrades and need
their support.

Rolf Martens

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