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Thu May 2 06:40:57 MDT 1996

Sorry all, this was supposed to be private:

Jon, thanks a lot for the "Orwell" post.

I have no idea why Jim Miller wants to butt heads with me on Nicaragua.
This is obviously a very painful subject for me. I had a lot invested in
Nicaragua solidarity and the way things ended were extremely

It is has only been with the passing of years and seeing the decline of
other revolutionary societies that I can put things into perspective.

This fixation on the need to assign blame seems awfully wrong to me. I
think everybody understands at this point that 3rd world revolutions are
deeply problematic and it makes no sense to castigate revolutionaries who
can't carry them off, for no fault of their own.

It seems our energy would be better spent in trying to figure out how to
produce results in our own more advanced industrialized societies.


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