The Internationale: groupons nous

Jeffrey Booth booth2 at
Thu May 2 08:22:44 MDT 1996

I would say "Groupons nous" means "let's gather" or "let's assemble" or
more loosely, it could even mean "let's unite".  But then you have to
take into account the rhythm of the song when translating into English.

				-- Jeff Booth

On 2 May 1996, Chris, London wrote:

> It was good to see Tom take the opportunity to repeat for us
> the old hymn, and to add some comments.
> Just a point about "let each stand in his/our/their place".
> The French original is simply "Groupons nous".
> What does that mean?
> Any comments from bilingual readers?
> It sounds to me like the same old message as from Joe Hill: organize.
> I only have the first verse of the Internationale in French.
> I note the two verses in French via Jay, but it is not clear
> whether they are fully authentic.
> Could anyone post Pottier's original?
> Chris B
> London.
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