Why waste a pefectly good custard pie?

Matt D. afn02065 at afn.org
Thu May 2 08:55:36 MDT 1996

Bob Malecki -- who, as a proud worker, disdains capitalization along w/
most other syntactical devices -- writes:

>Look louis,
>You have been obnoxious and very unpolitical. In fact most of your history
>lessons i have read. But the key questions that are being raised here. You
>answer with only insults.
>Not only malecki, but Jim as well gets your insults.
>Anytime somebody tries to take up in political context your writtings about
>Nicaragua for example. You start foaming from the mouth.
>Give a clear politica reply to Jim about the SWP article. That would be
>Give us a clear position on Aldolfo,s maoist menshevism and multi class line
>in Peru. Do you agree or disagree and why..


You seem to suffer from a basic confusion here.  Louis' thoughtful, substan-
tive articles dealing w/ the concrete historical and political development of
the Nicaraguan experience, the consumption of beef, the development of
the personal computer, etc., are exponentially more "political" than your
own hundreds upon thousands of lines of empty sloganeering, whining
self-pity, and (as Adolpho has said) RRRevolutionary flailing.

Perhaps Louis' political points are obscured -- to you -- by the fact that
they come with actual information.  Note to Louis:  In the future, you should
send two posts for each piece you do.  One could contain information,
argument, analysis, etc.  The other could contain stuff like "For the revo-
lutionary proletariat!  Against the counter-revolutionary non-proletariat!!!!"
Or maybe, "Against the crisis of leadership!  For there not being a crisis
of leadership!!!!"  "For the organization of the banks w/ the soviets in the
service of the revolutionary proletariat!!!!"  Then Malecki and Co. could
get their "politics" w/out any superfluous chatter about actual history or
real experience.

-- Matt "For the...  I mean, Against the... oh, whatever...." D.

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