<Sniff!> -- Hey, those aren't roses!

Matt D. afn02065 at afn.org
Thu May 2 09:13:59 MDT 1996

Rolf Martens writes:

>Yesterday, I posted them in English, German, Spanish and
>Swedish to various newsgroups, in #10en, de, es and se of
>my "UNITE!" (etc) series. I include here also the note with
>which I introduced them.

Goddamnit!  Is self-promotion some sort of Swedish national
disease?!  What do you think this "information" adds to your

Everything we get from you and the reknowned exile always
includes -- in addition to the requisite sloganeering b.s. --
something along the lines of: "Oh, and did I mention that
the other day / in 1984 / back in the 'Nam / when I was a
child / on the road to Malmoe / whatever I took crap and
it smelled surprisingly fragrant?"

Please, try and cut down on this sort of thing, guys.

-- Matt "Phew! Get a whiff of that!" D.

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