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Robert Malecki malecki at
Thu May 2 09:20:07 MDT 1996

Louis writes:
>I have no idea why Jim Miller wants to butt heads with me on Nicaragua.
>This is obviously a very painful subject for me. I had a lot invested in
>Nicaragua solidarity and the way things ended were extremely
>It is has only been with the passing of years and seeing the decline of
>other revolutionary societies that I can put things into perspective.
>This fixation on the need to assign blame seems awfully wrong to me. I
>think everybody understands at this point that 3rd world revolutions are
>deeply problematic and it makes no sense to castigate revolutionaries who
>can't carry them off, for no fault of their own.
>It seems our energy would be better spent in trying to figure out how to
>produce results in our own more advanced industrialized societies.
Look, it is your duty to take this up time and again. How else are the
future generations going to learn anything. It is not a question of trying
to find a scapegoat or putting the "blame" on anybody. The point is to learn
why what happened, happened.

Our responsibilities are to discuss these things and fight it out. Do you
think Lenin just said "stop i want to hop off" after 1905 and 1914. No he
went on and ruthlessly critisize his opponents. He did not stop at anything
in order to put the blame exactly where it belonged.

In 1914 he turned on his former comrades and ruthlessly condemned the
leaders of Social Democracy. There betrayal ment 4 years of blood in the
trenches, millions of dead, but also the birth of the russian revolution!

So stop whining Louis. If you think Jim is wrong. Go after his ass
politically and bring him down..It is your duty. It is your duty because a
whole lot more people are going to die if we don,t come up with the right

We are not here to take your pulse or give you aspirin for your pains.Today
thousand and millions of people are suffering because the crisis of
leadership has not been solved. So either shit or get off the pot Louis..OK

Warm Regards

I do not go around crying about Vietnam. I use my experiences to educate
other people growing up in the ghettoes today. There for the book. And when
one Vietnam vet wrote to me and said "thanks bob". That my friend is why i
am here disturbing this list with my noise. If you have any pretentions fine....

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