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Thu May 2 17:28:54 MDT 1996

The following is an extract from a brilliant post:

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<<<<<<<Lisa and others found it difficult to intervene in these types of
discussions and started to complain (mostly privately). When the struggle
over the PCP broke out, this prompted her and others to flee to a space
more akin to a classroom rather than a mass meeting.

I respect this desire and so should you.

You have one and only one thing to say that you keep repeating
constantly: we must form a working-class party and make socialist revolution.
This is your mantra. Unfortunately, mantras don't produce results. There
are no magical words that create revolutions, just as the phrase
"alakazam" could not turn rocks into gold, much to Faust's dismay.

So when you materialized on the Marxism 2 list and started reciting your
mantra 35 times a day, I can easily understand why you were dropped.

This place is where you can recite your mantra all day long. Nobody will
snip snip

Will Brown  Bristol

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