The Welfare state and the third world

Robert Malecki malecki at
Thu May 2 10:55:39 MDT 1996


I thought it might interest people on this list that the social democrats
have cut funds to the third world by a third!

Historically the welfare state has given 1% of its national budget to funds
which funded projects in the third world.Well , as the welfare state sinks
in the horizon the cutting of funds to the third world are going to cause a
lot of suffering.

What is interesting about this also are the demands by Swedish corporations
of linking these funds to contracts with swedish corporations. Hmmm, sort of
like a mini swedish world bank....

Today is May 2 and the social democrats come with the biggest cuts in
hospital care in Swedish history! 6000 jobs and 20 percent of hospital care
in the Stockholm region....The titantic sinking is gaining momentum...

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