<Sniff!> -- Hey, those aren't roses!

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Thu May 2 10:55:46 MDT 1996

Matts our own non political conversationalist. He says nothing about
politics. Just comments on others. A cheerleader, a hockey fan, a hotdog
eater at a baseball match.

Why not.

Do you want some mustard for your hotdog? Or perhaps some popcorn and soda
as you make your incredible "pat on the back retoric from the stands..

malecki from exile..

Why don,t you write something political. It would be a lot of fun eating you
up and throwing you on the garabage pile of political bankruptcy..

warm regards
malecki fro exile

But your right on one thing. Louis is alot more political then you would
even know.
He just doesn,t realize that politics and sloganeering are like siamese twins..

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