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Thu May 2 11:27:51 MDT 1996

On Thu, 2 May 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:

> Our responsibilities are to discuss these things and fight it out. Do you
> think Lenin just said "stop i want to hop off" after 1905 and 1914. No he
> went on and ruthlessly critisize his opponents. He did not stop at anything
> in order to put the blame exactly where it belonged.

Louis: This is the classic Trotskyist error. Revolutions are not just
made by "ruthlessly" criticizing others. They are made by leading people
in struggle as the Sandinistas did. There is nothing to learn from their
activities after the shift to the right from around 1987 on except that
you should never give up and always fight, fight, fight and attack the
capitalist class, etc., etc. ad nauseum.

The important thing to study about the FSLN is how they came to power.
One of the things they didn't do is sit on the sidelines and carp like
you do. They participated in mass struggles and won the confidence of the
people. They refrained from using "Marxist-Leninist" mumbo-jumbo the way
you do and communicated a revolutionary message in the most immediate
way. This is what Trotskyists with all of their ridiculous in-talk fail
to understand. Rallying around "Soviets" as you and others do is
absolutely unproductive since a soviet was an institution that grew out
of the class struggle in Russia. The sad fact is that Trotsky, who was a
great revolutionary, spawned a movement who exist in relationship to
revolutionary movements the way that film critics exist to films.
Revolutions are not movies and don't need critics.

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