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>From the report of Rolf Martens in Malmo:

The clique led by Mr. T.P. ..... disseminated a leaflet and a
small pamphlet. The leaflet contained an undated but obviously recent
so-called "statement" by "CoRIM" ....pretended to "support" the initiation
of people's war in Nepal and the armed struggle of the Peruvian people. The
here once more repeated its lie about a "two-line struggle" within the
PCP concerning the infamous "peace accord" hoax, once more trying to
cover up the fact that this hoax from beginning to end was a plot by the
intelligence services the SIN and the CIA.

In their (OWN) pamphlet the T.P. clique, under the name of "MPP, Sweden",
which however comrades here have informed me is a phoney
designation, once more touched on the "peace accord" hoax, now
saying it was *both* an intelligence service plot *and* a "Right
opportunist  line", with which the intelligence service "cooperated"
- but this is only an "improved" version of the same old lie. An
important part of their pamphlet was dedicated to defending the
"RIM" and in particular its now completely exposed leaders, the
"CoRIM", and attacking those who have exposed them.

The pamphlet i.a. states (in my translation): "Today there are some
people who are accusing the RIM and/or the Committee of the RIM
of being opportunist, but these accusations go against what was
eatablished by documents and metings of the PCP. At present, it's
Luis Arce Borja who is spearheading these sinister attacks against
the RIM and he's doing this with articles in El Diario Internacional,
on the Internet and mendacious letters which of course have been
repudiated by the MPP and the great majority."

As all those know who have followed the recent debate on the open
capitulationism of the "CoRIM" and on the important call for a World Wide
Mobilisation Commission to defend the revolution in Peru, this mendacious
attack tries to put everything upside-down. And it should be noted that Mr.
Quispe, who in the last 3-4 months has stated his support for El Diario
Internacional, at the same time quite recently
very heatedly has *defended* precisely *this clique* here in Malmoe who
openly are attacking it and who in particular also are attacking
me, since I for two years now have been contributing to the public
exposure of the "CoRIM":s treason and i.a. since March '95 have
been distributing El Diario Internacional, which has done the same.


Here is then - in black and white - the truth starting to emerge about the
"MPP"s organised by the Avakianists as their "reserve card" to continue to
traffic with the People's war in Peru and to prepare the ground for further
capitulation plots.

Despite all the "anti-Avakian" campaign of New Flag and the so called MPP in
USA, their complicity with a handful of left-overs from the "peace plot"
conspiracy - the turncoats and police agents of the Fujimori regime - is now
coming out into the light of day, explaining many of the strange occurrences
that a few unaware people interpreted as a "split among the Maoists" in the

There is no such "split", it is only the ramifications of a sinister plot
engineered by the US imperialists and the Peruvian SIN and their agents
abroad what is being now revealed.  Comrades who have been fooled by the
RRRevolutionist mouthings of such people are NOT part of this plot.

This betrayal clicque now playing a double agent role arose first in Malmo,
Sweden in 1983.  They, shortly after the original plans for ALL MPPs to
dessert in masse to the side of the Fujimori regime - which was the card
played by the "individual in Sweden" and his mentors in Co-Rim - were
thwarted by the spirited fight against the "peace agreement plot abroad" put
up principally by El Diario Internacional and Committee Sol-Peru in London,
as well as in Peru, people like "TP" feigned opposition to the peace
agreement plot while at the same time carrying out Avakian's instructions to
undermine those who were leading the resistance against the "peace letters",
El Diario Internacional and Committee Sol Peru in London.

Now they are starting to reveal themselves as just another little tentacle
of Co-Rim's holding operation, engineered in cahoots with the inveterate
provocateur and revisionist Maximiliano Durand Araujo - the famous "comrade
MD" in France who now Quispe is designated as the "MPP in France".

Marxist-Leninist-Maoist comrades in the USA and other places should now be
clear about this swindler Quispe, the agent of Avakian trying to usurp the
Red Flag of the People's War in Peru.  A man whose "comrades in Sweden"
publicise and defend the Co-RIM.  A man who defends those very leaflet
handlers of Co-Rim who are attacking El Diario Internacional in full
accordance with the reactionary plans of US imperialism and the Fujimori

The so called "Malmo MPP" headed by Quispe's friends in Sweden (2 people)
are nothing but two old underlings of the "individual in Sweden" who have
applied for their master's vacant job sitting in council besides Bob Avakian
in the "Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (Co-RIM)!.

Like all good revisionists who swear by Marx wherever he is popular, they
tell one thing to the people, while in fact doing a totally different thing
altogether in practice, a sinister plot engineered jointly with their
accomplices at the international level to destry El Diario Internacional and
Committee Sol Peru in London!.

Their attacks against El Diario Internacional and Luis Arce Borja in
particular can no longer be hypocritically covered up with condescending
noises and evasions, nor their attempts to make a distinction between
comrade Arce, the real MPPs and Sol-Peru in London would in any way succeed.

It is obvious now who they are working for and it certainly is NOT the PCP.
Quispe, the Malmo traffickers and Maximiliano Durand (MD), have nothing at
all to do with the PCP, they constitute a crypto-Trotskyst sect linked
directly with French workerist organisations.  Malecki can now fully
confidently apply for memebership in their "MPP" and both are welcomed to
each other.

It was this exposure they had tried to prevent with buckets of garbage.
That is why they "vomited black" when their little underhand game was
exposed by Marxist-Leninist-Maoist criticism showing the lack of
correspondence between their words and deeds!  Theirs are really sinister
plans! Mr. Quispe will do well now to explain his conections with such
people and come clean on his real intentions vis-a- vis the Co-Rim.
Demagogy is not going to serve him this time.

However much these handful of opportunists saboteurs try now to cover up and
bully, they will fail, they have already failed, and will continue to fail!.

Comrades: Lets boldly develop the work of the World Mobilisation Commission,
that is the only road to unite the genuine revolutionary forces and lend
effective support to the People's War in Peru.

You can see now that all other avenues - and that is precisely the point of
Quispe's procrastination in this regard - lead inevitably to capitulation
and crawling at the feet of Avakian distributing his leaflets, and thus
submitting to the Tyrant Fujimori and his US imperialist masters who are
preparing another capitulation plot!

For the true and consistent supporters of the People's War in Peru, there is
no room for compromise in this struggle. It is time to take sides.

We were not the ones to initiate this debate in public.  However, now it is
in the public domain Maoist should not be afraid of carrying it out to the
last consequences.

Either Arce Borja and us here in London who also place Arce's articles in
Internet are, as Quispe's "dear friends and comrades from the Malmo MPP"
say, "spearheading these sinister attacks against RIM and ..... doing this
with articles in El Diario Internacional, on the Internet and mendacious
letters which of course have been repudiated by the MPP and the great
majority", or it is Quispe, Ccorimanya, Duran Araujo and the Sweden based
couple of traffikers those who are the sinister servants of Avakian in
conspiring against the line of PCP and the People's War in Peru.

A SNAKE has been found out in our midst once again, a Snake of the Lin-piao
type, and a couple of black rats are also in its company!

Adolfo Olaechea

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