Maligning Malecki, and May Day kids

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Thu May 2 15:32:10 MDT 1996

It's good to see Hans and Sally and a couple of others speaking out against
the attacks on Robert M.

It'll be the workers themselves who liberate society, and they themselves
will choose the people and parties to lead them in this. You can bet that
class hatred will be pretty strong in the movements leading up to a
decisive revolutionary crisis. The truth then will be very black (red) and
white - none of this 'all cats are grey in the dark' crap. Class hatred is
a very useful antidote against class-collaboration politics and blocks
with, say, the Suhartos and Chiang Kai-Sheks of the world. A party
membership imbued with class *feeling* will make it difficult for any
intellectuals or non-workers who're in the leadership to pull the wrong
deals with the wrong people.

I'm sick of the way so few people appreciate the way Robert keeps the
emotional charge of his childhood in the intensity of his political
commitment. It makes his contributions very individual and alive.

The trouble he had with his (step-)father is not uncommon among poor and
disadvantaged kids. I had a Romanian immigrant boy in my class a few years
ago, who stabbed his father to death in a lift because he'd been beating
his mother. A couple of years later I met him (he met me, as it happens)
when he was a conscript in the Swedish army doing guard duty outside the
Royal Palace in Stockholm. A nice kid. Only he hasn't done the thinking
Robert's done about the social and political reasons for his explosion -
yet. Just think about it - there are a lot of unthinking workers, there are
a lot of thinking workers, and there a just a few thinking workers (so far)
who've got as far in their thinking as to make a Marxist socialist party
commitment. It's not easy and it deserves respect.

Robert also shows the way the Vietnam war is not over yet and not a 'dead
issue' in any sense. Maybe the fact that American imperialism is still in
fact keeping an American opponent of the war (unjust, remember?) in exile
can't be faced by people who are more patriotic at heart than they would
like to admit. To call for and work for and put your life on the line for
the defeat of your own imperialist state is not a trivial commitment - and
a lot of the snide carping about Robert is making a mockery of this
commitment. Calley got let off and let out for his crimes against humanity
and the international working class, Robert is still being punished for his
actions for humanity and the international working class and against the
Calleys of this world. He could be covered in scales, smell like a sewer
and mipsel evri dam wrd hhe evva bluddy wroat and it wouldn't make a blind
bit of difference in relation to the decision he took and acted on.

This is all focused in the anger of the youth that's been erupting on May
Day while the treacherous leaderships have been calling rallies off or
toning them down or cheering the police. What was it Zeynep said about the
Turkish kids?

        Especially the youngsters, who face harrasment everyday
        in the slum areas they live, charge even when the police
        pull their guns and shoot at the crowd. Violence is a
        part of everyday life here.

In Sweden, there's always been a tussle for people's attention between the
non-political spring festival of Valborg's Eve (Walpurgis night, the
witches' sabbath, huge bonfires, uncontrolled boozing) on 30 April and May
Day. (A lot of people compromise by marching off their hangovers.)

This year the kids were more violent, boozier and drugged up than ever.
They can be political (a few years ago they spearheaded demonstrations that
brought a Social-Democrat government down over education policy), but they
are cussed and won't listen to any adult, political or otherwise without
good reason to. And it's not just the youth of Sweden. The whole of Europe
has a swelling generation of disaffected youngsters who given the right
lead could grow tired of hurting themselves and get into hurting the state
that's keeping them out of work and wages and any sort of belonging in

The news pictures from Turkey show that the police were shaken by the
massive determination of the demonstrating youngsters.

The pictures from other places showed a variety of cop attitudes -- for
instance, the determined professional brutality of the German cops against
the kids in Berlin showed how well they're prepared to defend one of the
heartlands of imperialism.

And it was good to see the number of treacherous labour leaders who were
shouted down by discontented workers, too. And that Mandela got nowhere at
all with his treacherous pussy-footing on May Day in South Africa. For once
it was uplifting to watch the news - so many red flags and banners all over
the world! So much for the death of socialism...

It was a different sort of May Day this year, with more nerve than in
recent years. Workers and kids aren't taking the effects of the crisis
lying down any longer. And we have only seen the most minimal beginnings so

The international working class is a hugely powerful beast, and it's
beginning to stir again! (It's even got Castro mouthing socialist phrases
once more.)



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