The Welfare state and the third world

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Thu May 2 16:52:58 MDT 1996

Rahul wrote:

>I don't know anything about the Swedish budget cutting, which is why I
>asked. In the US, it goes considerably beyond any reasonable cost/benefit
>calculus. In fact, some of it seems almost designed to hurt corporate
>profits in the long run.

Rahul, old son, the organic nature of *capitalism* itself will hurt
corporate profits in the long run -- that's the whole point of Marx nagging
about the tendency of the rate of profit to fall and the relations of
production becoming a barrier to the forces of production.

By the way, is it your conviction that capitalism, sanely managed by a
group of savvy (Austro-)Marxists, could in fact be run in equilibrium and
as such survive for ever?



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