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Thu May 2 17:07:49 MDT 1996

Dear Adolf,

You write:

>However, alert comrades from the MPP in Belgium, assisted the security
>people of the PTB and ordered Rahimi out into the street.  Rahimi closely
>works with the well known Peruvian regime police agent Javier Esparza ("the
>individual in Sweden") and the treacherous old Del Prado (Peruvian
>Gorbachevist) clicque revisionist La Torre and his wife as main
>propagandists of Fujimori's "peace agreement plot" at the international level.
>The revolutionary working class organisations in Europe are already
>implementing the policy of the iron broom to rid the movement of the
>Avakianist vermin who are desperately trying to prevent the formation and
>consolidation of the World Mobilisation Commission to Defend the Peruvian
>Revolution and the People's War.

I'm confused. Doesn't working with 'well-known police agents' and operating
as 'main propagandists' of an enemy plot constitute the capital offence of
'scabbing and snitching'?

If the snitch and scab is merely 'ordered out into the street', then it
seems to me your iron broom is but a powder puff with short legs and no
bite. The very least all those assembled rrrrevolutionaries could have done
would have been to tear the man's heart out and dish it out to the
multitude as an interval snack, like Jesus did with the loaves and fishes.

You disappoint me.



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