LENIN -v- malecki on PEOPLE'S WAR

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Maoist People's War in the imperialist countries IS war against the
bourgeoisie and those reactionary classes and fractions of classes that
the bourgeoisie is able to draw around it. It is a lie to suggest that
Maoist People's War in the imperialist countries involves an alliance
with the bourgeoisie.

On Thu, 2 May 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:

> >
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> >On Fri, 26 Apr 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:
> >> The maoists see for some reason their are revolutionary classes other then
> >> the proletariat. That is what all this stuff about "peoples war" really
> means.
> >>
> >> You do not want to arm the proletariat as the only revolutionary class! You
> >> are always trying to find partners. The proletariat has time and again been
> >> sold down the drain with tjhis idealogy. It has been the grave digger of
> >> most revolutionary situations since 1917. Perhaps the only time this policy
> >> was not used by the Stalinists was in Germany whern Stalin made the Social
> >> Democrats the main enemy in a brief "red front" period. This led to the
> >> destruction of the German Proletariat and probably a lot of good communists
> >> who followed that line.
> >> [........]
> >> All talk of multi revolutionary classes is to throw sand in the eyes of the
> >> only really revolutionary class the proletariat..
> >>
> >> The bottom line in the fight between you and luis and i is this
> >> question.Your bottom line is not proletarian revolution by the working class
> >> but peoples revolution with revolution of classes in the plural. This line
> >> means making a deal with the class enemy and ultimately of stabbing the
> >> revolutionary proleatriat in the back comrades.
> >>
> >> No way my friends. Anybody that sees more then one revolutionary class then
> >> the one i belong to is going to betray us..
> >>
> >> malecki in exile...
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> >	"In our day," said the great Lenin, "war becomes people's war."
> >"...Let us raise aloft the banner of civil war!" "...THE PROLETARIAN
> >PETTY-BOURGEOIS....."{emphasis added} (V.I Lenin, "The Position and Tasks
> >of the Socialist International," written November 1, 1914, in Collected
> >Works Vol.21 and in "Against Revisionism," Moscow, 1959, 210 at 214-215.
> >
> >Glory to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
> >
> Yeah, but he never said anything about making deals with the "anti-imperialist"
> liberal bourgeoisie. That in fact is maoist menshevism and not Leninisn.
> There is a big difference in Lenins line of The proletarian vanguard and the
> Bolshevik party leading a war with the semi-proletarians and the Maoist
> menshevik line of doing exactly the opposite.
> malecki in exile
> Long live Leninism and the Bolshevik party.
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