A marriage made in heaven

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Fri May 3 00:58:48 MDT 1996

The following illuminating exchange has just taken place on the list:

>Louis: I'm sorry, Scott, but the passage below is fifty times more
>compelling as prose and as politics than anything I've ever seen in "In
>these Times". If this is Maoism, then I say more of it.
>On Thu, 2 May 1996, hariette spierings wrote:
>> Morever, I thought you held the working class in the advanced countries was
>> really beautiful, elegant, profound, witty, perfectly Marxist, with no
>> deformities, nor likely to ever have them, being capable of stepping into
>> socialism with one jump - grabbing the rose with your subtle leadership - so
>> far removed from these nasty "deformed" people like Stalin's and Chairman
>> Mao, these naughty and suspicious "terrorists" of the "Mad-Maoist Shining
>> Path" (not such a bad thing "terrorists" for you, Hugh, if you perceive
>> these "deformed Marxists" as doing your dirty work, so that you, the
>> "perfect marxist" can straddle the stage of history making a brilliant
>> figure, and fleet as a ballerina, jump for the rose to the applause of the
>> multitude of those so condescendedly saved.  Or I am wrong in reading thus
>> your ideo-political expressions?

Fortune makes strange bed-fellows!



(PS I wonder which of them needs the other most?)

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