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We have information that Martens is member of 15 "solidarity
organizations" in Sweden. This can be good or bad depending on
what roles he plays in these organizations. Some Comrades of umblemished
political records we know (slandered by charlatan Olaechea as E.T.) inform us
that long ago they suspect on Martens' divisive activities as nothing more
than a job at the service of the enemy. We never know, we cannot confirm or
deny it. Let his actions reveal himself. So far, he desperately seeks
to split the international movement in support of the Peruvian revolution.
Let us remind the couple of turncoats Olaechea and sidekick Martens their
actions are futile. They haven't got the support of a single Committee.
Because the masses repudiate provocatours, opportunists and individualists
that split instead of unite.

> >From the report of Rolf Martens in Malmo:
> The clique led by Mr. T.P. ..... disseminated a leaflet and a
> small pamphlet. The leaflet contained an undated but obviously recent
> so-called "statement" by "CoRIM" ....pretended to "support" the initiation
> of people's war in Nepal and the armed struggle of the Peruvian people. The
> "CoRIM"
The PCP has not officially withdraw from RIM nor the largest organizations
did (Turkish, Nepal, etc.). Our communique published in this list call for
the development of the struggle within RIM to overthrow the opportunist
leadership of Co-RIM. It is pur revolutionary duty to support the
still incipient armed struggle in Nepal. To distribute the Co-RIM
statement should be condenmed. That's our position.

> here once more repeated its lie about a "two-line struggle" within the
> PCP concerning the infamous "peace accord" hoax, once more trying to
> cover up the fact that this hoax from beginning to end was a plot by the
> intelligence services the SIN and the CIA.
To say that the "contrarrevolutionary hoax" is a 100% police hoax is a 100%
stupidity. Obviously the plan originated in the CIA/SIN quarters, but
they counted with collaborators from within who in the early 1994
(CC Conference of Rancahuillca) left by their own will the Party,
"who violates principles, split." Lenin. So, since that time, the two
line struggle is mainly on the Conquest of Power than in "peace accords."

> In their (OWN) pamphlet the T.P. clique, under the name of "MPP, Sweden",
> which however comrades here have informed me is a phoney
> designation, once more touched on the "peace accord" hoax, now
> saying it was *both* an intelligence service plot *and* a "Right
> opportunist  line", with which the intelligence service "cooperated"
> - but this is only an "improved" version of the same old lie.
You are twisting it my little provocautor. Documents of the Party,
January 1995 ("Instructions"), and two in 1994 ("Bases of Party Unity"
and "Northern Regional Committee", and "Committee of Families and Relatives
of Prisoners of War") published in El Diario of Lima (not EDI of Arce)
and The New Flag confirmed that the intelligence services prepared the
plan of capitulation, but they had already an advanced work with some
traitors in the prison of Yanamayo who "collaborated" with this plan. They
made dealings for their skin with the regime. They were immediately purged
by CC.

> important part of their pamphlet was dedicated to defending the
> "RIM" and in particular its now completely exposed leaders, the
> "CoRIM", and attacking those who have exposed them.
If they defend the opportunists of Co-RIM, they should be denounced. We
have no evidence on that. The MPP-Sweden works in Europe, we do here.
Flexibility in tactics but centralization in strategy. We are not
aware that they support Co-RIM.

> The pamphlet i.a. states (in my translation): "Today there are some
> people who are accusing the RIM and/or the Committee of the RIM
> of being opportunist, but these accusations go against what was
> eatablished by documents and metings of the PCP. At present, it's
> Luis Arce Borja who is spearheading these sinister attacks against
> the RIM and he's doing this with articles in El Diario Internacional,
> on the Internet and mendacious letters which of course have been
> repudiated by the MPP and the great majority."
One thing is to attack RIM as an organization and another one to denounce
the opportunists of Co-RIM. Arce does not post EDI in the Internet. The
New Flag does, we have translated into English every single issue and
distribute it worldwide in English and Spanish. We do this out of principle
despite the ideological differences with this Comrade. As we told him in
our correspondence, we seek no retribution whatsoever for this difficult
task. Let us reminfd him also, the New Flag was and still is the only
organization that translate and reproduced in large quantities EDI in the
United States ans Latin America. We do not charge our readers one penny for
neither the New Flag or EDI. The New Flag has broken the isolation and
censorship that sought the RCP with regard the Party materials.
This fact cannot be denied by anyone including charlatan Olaechea.

> As all those know who have followed the recent debate on the open
> capitulationism of the "CoRIM" and on the important call for a World Wide
> Mobilisation Commission to defend the revolution in Peru, this mendacious
> attack tries to put everything upside-down. And it should be noted that Mr.
> Quispe, who in the last 3-4 months has stated his support for El Diario
> Internacional, at the same time quite recently
> very heatedly has *defended* precisely *this clique* here in Malmoe who
> openly are attacking it and who in particular also are attacking
> me, since I for two years now have been contributing to the public
> exposure of the "CoRIM":s treason and i.a. since March '95 have
> been distributing El Diario Internacional, which has done the same.

For the information of ignorant Martens, the New Flag by instructions of
the MPP has reproduced and distributed for years EDI -not the last 3-4
months. The World Mobilization draft was sent to the New Flag by Arce
in early April, it is only a draft subject to discussion and modification.
We have sent him our objections and proposals, and to this date we
receive no answer. Also, we have sent him our points of unity in
early March and receive no reply. We see problems in the
structure of the organization itself, the criteria of unity, problems
of leadership. Arce cannot have most of the support organizations to the
PW in the world out. This will lead to split. We see clear problems
of opportunism. Charlatan Olaechea doesn't mind this critical issue.
As our Comrade in New England has stated, he seeks glory. El Linpiao
 > __________________________________________________
> Here is then - in black and white - the truth starting to emerge about the
> "MPP"s organised by the Avakianists as their "reserve card" to continue to
> traffic with the People's war in Peru and to prepare the ground for further
> capitulation plots.
Myth or fact? Where is the evidence for your yellow vomit?
Avakian has been crushed by the New Flag, totally discredited. What have you
done "cotorrita" Olaechea?

> Despite all the "anti-Avakian" campaign of New Flag and the so called MPP in
> USA, their complicity with a handful of left-overs from the "peace plot"
> conspiracy - the turncoats and police agents of the Fujimori regime - is now
> coming out into the light of day, explaining many of the strange occurrences
> that a few unaware people interpreted as a "split among the Maoists" in the
> list.
Now is so-called MPP in USA? Do you want us to publish all the adulations
you have sent the New Flag, you are no more than a ass kisser in private
but a "tiger paper" in the internet. This is not a split, it is a
reaffirmation of our contradictions with the individualists/opportunists
in Europe. The New Flag mantains its political independence at the
service of the oppressed in our country and be the voice
of the Peruvian revolutionaries, led by the PCP.

> There is no such "split", it is only the ramifications of a sinister plot
> engineered by the US imperialists and the Peruvian SIN and their agents
> abroad what is being now revealed.  Comrades who have been fooled by the
> RRRevolutionist mouthings of such people are NOT part of this plot.
That's too simplistic. Not all contradictions can be the work of the
security services, that's right opportunism. The fact is that there has been
always contradictions among the forces that support the people's war, this
is reflected in the tactic and strategy that now are willing to discuss.
We understand that for you this is your only medium to be "above board"
before the cops and other members of this Marxist list that may be tired
of your bull shit, we challenge you to go before the masses (organize at
least a small rally in London in support of the PW) so you can gain a bit
of credibility, if not, you are a charlatan.
> This betrayal clicque now playing a double agent role arose first in Malmo,
> Sweden in 1983.  They, shortly after the original plans for ALL MPPs to
> dessert in masse to the side of the Fujimori regime - which was the card
> played by the "individual in Sweden" and his mentors in Co-Rim - were
> thwarted by the spirited fight against the "peace agreement plot abroad" put
> up principally by El Diario Internacional and Committee Sol-Peru in London,
> as well as in Peru, people like "TP" feigned opposition to the peace
> agreement plot while at the same time carrying out Avakian's instructions to
> undermine those who were leading the resistance against the "peace letters",
> El Diario Internacional and Committee Sol Peru in London.
This is the most self-serving statement. By the time of the peace hoax,
the Committe Sol Peru in London was disbanded, this includes the People's
Guerrilla Music (you accuse them as traffickers as well- your letter to
our Comrades in here), you were left alone in the Committee, you were
expelled. To this date, we have no evidence you have one additional member
in the "Committee Sol Olaechea of London."
The defeat of the "peace hoax" was carried by the Peruvian people, the PCP,
the People's Army, the heroic combatants in the prisons who did not bend
to the actions of the regime. The defeated the traitorous hoax of the
"peace talks" of Fujimori, not the swinglers of two individualists in

> Now they are starting to reveal themselves as just another little tentacle
> of Co-Rim's holding operation, engineered in cahoots with the inveterate
> provocateur and revisionist Maximiliano Durand Araujo - the famous "comrade
> MD" in France who now Quispe is designated as the "MPP in France".
Here you reveal your specialty: Providing names of members of the PCP
abroad for the use of the security services. You have nothing to lose,
you have the protection of the Queen. Comrade Quispe never claimed to be a
leader, he is part of the masses, therefore, cannot designate MPPs as
charlatan Olaechea and the guy from Belgium dream to do. Only the Party
organize MPPs. The MPP in France is alive and healthy (the new one, not
the capitulator one.)

> Marxist-Leninist-Maoist comrades in the USA and other places should now be
> clear about this swindler Quispe, the agent of Avakian trying to usurp the
> Red Flag of the People's War in Peru.  A man whose "comrades in Sweden"
> publicise and defend the Co-RIM.  A man who defends those very leaflet
> handlers of Co-Rim who are attacking El Diario Internacional in full
> accordance with the reactionary plans of US imperialism and the Fujimori
> regime.
Quispe agent of Avaikan is like saying Olaechea is an agent of the old Queen?
Have you kiss her toes? Well, Quispe has absolutely no relation with the
arm chair "revo" Bob Avaikan. To criticize the gross mistakes of Arce's EDI
that uses it to settle personal problems with his opponents and releasing
the names of reluctant supporters, e.g., Sabina Astete, Angell, and
real supporters such as the Italian group Rossoperaio, Duran and others,
should be criticized. Nothing wrong with that. But to support the
opportunists of Co-RIM that's another story.

> The so called "Malmo MPP" headed by Quispe's friends in Sweden (2 people)
> are nothing but two old underlings of the "individual in Sweden" who have
> applied for their master's vacant job sitting in council besides Bob Avakian
> in the "Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (Co-RIM)!.
Martens said they were 11. We know they are more than that. Two people
cannot mobilize two rallies in Berlin (5,000 and 2,000 people respectively.)
Quispe doesn't know the leaders of MPP-Sweden, other Comrades here do.
Is he seating alongside Avakian? Probable, yes. The PCP did not pull out
>from RIM as yet. A "mobilization" of "figure heads" cannot change this,
but only a mobilization of the masses could. For most revolutionaries
it will be hard to unite with Olaechea and Arce, unless they become
masses themselves like Quispe does. Only with humility, hard work,
and a correct line the people can be united. All Olaechea is doing
is to split the supporters of the People's War and confuse those who
are interested in the struggle.

> Like all good revisionists who swear by Marx wherever he is popular, they
> tell one thing to the people, while in fact doing a totally different thing
> altogether in practice, a sinister plot engineered jointly with their
> accomplices at the international level to destry El Diario Internacional and
> Committee Sol Peru in London!.
No one will destroy you, not even the enemy, you will destroy yourselve
by your political miopia, sectarism and opportunism.
Diario internacional has been inactive for almost the entire year in 1995.
Committee Sol Olaechea only exist in the Internet debating with Bob
Malecki ("my Malecki") and make up "conferences" at the Stalin Society.

> Their attacks against El Diario Internacional and Luis Arce Borja in
> particular can no longer be hypocritically covered up with condescending
> noises and evasions, nor their attempts to make a distinction between
> comrade Arce, the real MPPs and Sol-Peru in London would in any way succeed.
Once again, El Diario Internacional is not the voice of the PCP, it does
not express its views, since 1993 it does not publish documents of the PCP.
Mr. Arce has asked us Party documents in Spanish alleging that his personal
enemy in Malmo was "falsifying its contents", we have sent him some. But
when we asked him to provide us evidence against the Comrades of MPP-Malmo,
he mentioned Martens.
> It is obvious now who they are working for and it certainly is NOT the PCP.
> Quispe, the Malmo traffickers and Maximiliano Durand (MD), have nothing at
> all to do with the PCP, they constitute a crypto-Trotskyst sect linked
> directly with French workerist organisations.  Malecki can now fully
> confidently apply for memebership in their "MPP" and both are welcomed to
> each other.
Here worshipper "charlatan Olaechea" telling the priests "you don't
believe in God, come down the pulpit." If MD (a former Comrade and
colleague of President Gonzalo at the University of Ayacucho) is linked to
a French union, is great. The non-sense of crypto-Troskyst is an old
term used by MIM and others which has not validity. Mao teaches us to go
where the masses are, regardless theys are following an incorrect
leadership tp bring them to the side of the revolution.

> It was this exposure they had tried to prevent with buckets of garbage.
> That is why they "vomited black" when their little underhand game was
> exposed by Marxist-Leninist-Maoist criticism showing the lack of
> correspondence between their words and deeds!  Theirs are really sinister
> plans! Mr. Quispe will do well now to explain his conections with such
> people and come clean on his real intentions vis-a- vis the Co-Rim.
> Demagogy is not going to serve him this time.
Look who is talking? Is charlatanery the same as demagoguery?
Actually Co-RIM has much in common with Olaechea than Quispe.
In pur opinion, Co-RIM promotes deliberately split and discrediting of the
Peruvian revolution (it targets public opinion abroad and in Peru.)
Olachea (in deeds) is pointing the same objectives.

> However much these handful of opportunists saboteurs try now to cover up and
> bully, they will fail, they have already failed, and will continue to fail!.
Double talk. Petty poetry.

> Comrades: Lets boldly develop the work of the World Mobilisation Commission,
> that is the only road to unite the genuine revolutionary forces and lend
> effective support to the People's War in Peru.
World Mobilization Commission w/o the participation of the PCP is destined
to fail. What is the structure? the purpose?, what is the leadership?
Who were invited? who were not? if not invited, why not? what are the goals?

> You can see now that all other avenues - and that is precisely the point of
> Quispe's procrastination in this regard - lead inevitably to capitulation
> and crawling at the feet of Avakian distributing his leaflets, and thus
> submitting to the Tyrant Fujimori and his US imperialist masters who are
> preparing another capitulation plot!
We have not distributed Avakian leaflets. Our four last mass events were in
NYC (an action by Refuse and Resist), two rallies in NJ and one at Howard
University in DC. We have not distributed such a garbage in those events.
So, you are lying Mr. charlatan Olaechea.

> For the true and consistent supporters of the People's War in Peru, there is
> no room for compromise in this struggle. It is time to take sides.
You can split the support groups in the U.S. You better look some other
groups in Europe. Individuals seeking "recognition" can follow you and your
sectarious and divisive "world mobilization," not genuine supporters of the
People's War. First, let's build and develop our bases of unity and struggle
among the masses and Communists in this country, then participote in a broad
revolutionary front in suport of the People's War.

> We were not the ones to initiate this debate in public.  However, now it is
> in the public domain Maoist should not be afraid of carrying it out to the
> last consequences.
Of course you and Martens did. Go ahead. We will reply them appropriately
whenever we have time.

> Either Arce Borja and us here in London who also place Arce's articles in
> Internet are, as Quispe's "dear friends and comrades from the Malmo MPP"
> say, "spearheading these sinister attacks against RIM and ..... doing this
> with articles in El Diario Internacional, on the Internet and mendacious
> letters which of course have been repudiated by the MPP and the great
> majority", or it is Quispe, Ccorimanya, Duran Araujo and the Sweden based
> couple of traffikers those who are the sinister servants of Avakian in
> conspiring against the line of PCP and the People's War in Peru.
This is cynical. The New Flag has been translating and distributing El Diario
International, and Mr. Arce himself has sent us a letter on this respect.
This is done simple out of solidarity with him.
With regard to the communique of the MPP-Malmo, we believe this organization
has much more connections and support with other groups and Europe. They
publish a newsletter Sol Rojo, which in about 90%, PCP documents are
> A SNAKE has been found out in our midst once again, a Snake of the Lin-piao
> type, and a couple of black rats are also in its company!
The men and women who sow their strenghts in work,
and reaped a crop of lies will continue to march on.
The slanders of an old frustrated charlatan,
cannot go farther than your PC.
The iron is cut unless it is too hot.

In struggle,

Marcelina Ccorimanya.

> Adolfo Olaechea
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