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Robert Malecki malecki at
Fri May 3 05:32:30 MDT 1996

Well, Now it appears that just about everybody has done some "twitching" on
malecki. In fact for me, malecki, it has been an extremely valuble
experience. The discussion has quickly brought out some very important
things about the people on this list.

I mean just about everything about me can be read on the Net. But all the so
called "marxists" on this list have had an advantage because the information
about me was there to read for all. In fact, except for a few hardened
mensheviks like Aldolfo,
i have learned much.

One of the first prepositions i made on this list was. "That workers should
not trust anybody after all of the historical defeats".  and "nobody gets a
free ticket". Well, our marxist intellectualls on this list and those who
departed for M2 have proven that in reality. Malecki was right! You proved
yourselves to be unworthy of trust.

How  and why should workers trust you? My story is a fucking dream world.
There are million and millions who,s stories have not come out yet and
malecki,s story is like Cinderella compared to those you idiots. And what do
you do. You so called marxist have been trying to tar and feather malecki
the lumpen proletariat. How brave and honerable our marxists intellectuals
are in dealing with a real working class person.

THe people on this list say all sorts of things,when malecki said we need
the "leninist vanguard Party". For the "marxist intellectuals on this list
it is a curse to even dare believe that the working class believe they need
a Leninist party. Malecki said that the proletariat must fight independently
of all bougeois forces for power and the main enemy is at home. This
especially against our maoist mensheviks. Aldolfo accuses me of being a
"agent provateur" and others on this list chimned in with ultra left or this
stupid malecki with his empty sloganeering and a lot of other personal
insults.But none of you have taken a real position on the question posed!

My crime was saying that the working class should independently fight for
power as the only revolutionary class. The other crime the neccessity of a
Bolshevik party.
Well, as a worker i still stand for that. It is not me who is twitching my
friends. It is our marxist intellectuals who have literally done  acrobatics
since i walked into this room.

Some of them like those in M2 through there actions have proclaimed "No
workers allowed" and have the elegant baroness von Lisa and her click to
secretly enforce this rule with secret trials and secret rules and secret
excutions. That my friends was not only a serious mistake. But in the future
will only prove fatal too these "dainty socialist tetotalers".

 Beleive me when the millions and millions of ignorant workers start waking
up you will be swept away with the rest of the garbage. Just as the
intellectuals in Russia were swept away because of there fear and hate of a
concious proletariat determined to seize power. And that under the
leadership of a Bolshevik party.As Lenin and Trotsky said, when the workers
began their determined march towards the dictatorship of the proletariat
with the Bolsheviks. The marxist intellectuals, the drawing room socialists,
deserted to the side of the bougeoisie..

Now that is what this worker got out of reading Lenin. It is not empty
sloganering or ultra left, but a conviction. And when workers are convinced
of something they are usually pretty stubborn about letting anybody
including the so called marxists on this list of changing that.

We are not petty bougeois intellectuals who change positions , for example
like the maoists do every time a new clich takes power in Peking, or as
others on this list start wringing there hands in despair when a worker
walks in here and starts disrupting things. What is so funny is that i
really believe what i am saying. For our marxists it is just another
polemic. There is a big difference believe me...

Just wait until other workers start waking up. I really hope there are some
workers out here. I am sure you know exactly what i mean. It is no joke when
i say there is a big difference between a stalinist worker or a social
democratic worker who have come to their conclusions and lets say Aldolfo
with his slick brand of class treason
albeit with a militant brand of pick up the gun rhetoric. Aldolfo, despite
his long and anti-working class documents can smell danger. When i say
anti-working class i mean that Aldolfo sees a part of the bourgeoisie as an
ally in the struggle against imperialism.

Adolfo attacks against me are no slump. He understands the real danger of
just what i am saying. It undergraves his position and he knows that this
question will be the cutting line between opportunism and defeat or victory.
Even opportunists especially smart ones like Aldolfo can smell a Leninist
and danger. The recent attacks by him are a concentrated attack and slander
campaign. He is so desperate he even will block with the social democrats on
this list.. He knows that the Bolshevik line is a danger to him and his
glorious movement. It is not new. It has been going on for a long time this
struggle.It has been the cutting line in every revolution since 1917
including Louis and Nicaragua..Mensevism and Bolshevism is just as real
today as it was in 1917!

 In fact the only real disappointment was that there are so few taking part
in the debate. Of three hundred on the list not more then 20 or 25 have been
active. Not counting the maoist cheer leaders..

So i am afraid my friends the debate around malecki in reality is your
inability to take a position for the working class, for a party that can
lead the workers to power, for a real proletarian revolution and so on. The
difference between me and you is simply this. I believe Lenin was right. You
have turned down another path.

Good bye and good luck-but that is the elemental truth for me. I am to
stupid to be tricky or all the other fine words you tried to put on me. In
fact the joke is really on you..Ha Ha Ha...

Because i am saying it can be done. We can storm the gates of heaven.. You
people have given up! And in Aldolfo case, just a rotten class
collaborationist under the guise of a maoist menshevik program which will
lead to a new defeat. Because you are telling the workers to trust their own
bougeois in the struggle against imperialism.. Leninist never said
that...Aldolfo is nothing but a modern menshevik.
This is not just a word, but Aldolfo,s multi-class menshevik position on the
Peruvian revolution!

Another thing is what Hugh and our new turkish friend say about the youth!
If people were smart they would hope that hundreds of stories like malecki,s
turn up on Internet and in print. These books are a battle cry. Every kid
that can draw some conclusions, not neccessarily my conclusions, and get it
out so that it is read by other kids.. Wow, that would really be
great...Real marxists would welcome these stories and try to spread them to
the millions who have not yet begun to think and draw conclusions. But the
fools on this list would rather put their boots down on the heads of people
taking steps forward...What assholes! One working class kid that can write a
few lines with the message "i hate the rich and powerful" is worth a hundred
of Aldolfo,s Menshevik manifestoes of class collaboration! He can have
Martens his new ally, i take those kids and their ten words....

Books like this could be the link between the youth and a communist militant
future. But if we come knocking on the door with our stories and you through
us out. Well no tellimg just where these youth might wind up. Perhaps the
future brownshirts instead. You have a choice my "marxist" friends. Choose!

In ending up our new Turkish friend said something quite revealing to this list.
"The whole point is to change it".  Or something along these lines.

This list will change nothing! You could not even raise yourselves from this
list to defend someone from being expelled secretly from M2. This list
attacked me for my actions against imperialism-- not one word of defense! If
you can,t even defend one stupid worker, how do you think  you are going to
change anything...? None of you can say openly that my line of proletarian
independence is directly counterposed to Aldolfo,s multi-class line. This is
the bottom line of that debate.

Most of you have shown your selves to be nothing to this worker but
political cowards afraids to take one single step. There are some who have
taken steps and
you know who you are. Hats off to those that took steps! The rest of you,
well it really does not matter, As Lenin said "one step forward and one step
Hmmm, i wonder if Lenin said anything about people who just stand still!?

malecki in exile...

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