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Fri May 3 08:01:05 MDT 1996

On Thu, 2 May 1996, James Miller wrote:

>    And what does this say about the civil war of the 1970s? Wasn't this
> war also a crucial test for revolutionaries? Wasn't it an experience
> which steeled them, developed their leadership capacities, and molded
> many young rebels into serious, committed revolutionists?
>    But what Jon is saying is that the Contra War devastated the country,
> and, because of this devastation, the Sandinistas had no choice but
> to change their policy from a revolutionary one to a pro-capitalist one.

Louis: Miller has no capacity to understand how revolutions can go into
retreat. The Bolsheviks won their civil war and it left the country
exhausted, battered and spiritless. The economy was in ruins and
socialism had to be postponed since the state sector was so lacking in
cadre. The solution was CAPITALISM. The NEP is a euphemism for
CAPITALISM. Lenin defended the growth of CAPITALISM. He did so because
the conditions the country was in were not favorable for advances by the
working-class. There were people like Miller in Russia at that time
who opposed Lenin from the Left. They opposed the NEP and said that no
accomodations with CAPITALISM were possible. Unlike Miller and his
co-thinkers, they at least had the credentials of having led a workers's
revolution rather than fantasizing about one.

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