M2, moderation & Hugh's unsubbing

Knaife at aol.com Knaife at aol.com
Fri May 3 10:42:26 MDT 1996

I know, I'm already breaking my own intended policy.  I just keep getting
these provocations in my mailbox...

Hugh, you requoted policy right back to M2 just last week, including Lisa's
previous explanation that the intent of no crossposting included not replying
to one list on the other list.  Then you went ahead and did that anyway.  You
even did that with one of Lisa's posts, quoting nearly the whole thing and
commenting on it, and sending that to M1.

Isn't it uppity to proclaim what is "relevant" to each list?  Who put you in
charge of "relevance" ?  I think Adam's question still stands.  Why do you
want to do all this?  I don't think it's because you didn't "know".  That's
just an excuse to keep bugging LIsa to write detailed rules for everything.
 That is stupid.  Most people don't seem to have any problem with being on a
moderated list with general policies.

I think good faith means being willing to go with the "spirit" of a policy.
 Constantly picking at everything and trying to find loopholes is
mean-spirited legalism.  Haven't you got anything better to do?  Drop the
obsession, please.

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