Poof! Out of nowhere a new "left opposition"...

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Fri May 3 10:57:26 MDT 1996

>To Richard Broza
>A Slow Response from an Internationalist

Poof-out of nowhere a new "left opposition."

Does any one know who these people are? They appear to have some serious
attitude to revolution. However their critisism of Trotsky and there veiw on
America not being the only imperialism could be correct or that they have
fallen into the trap of state capitalist that throw out the baby with the
bath water. Naturally one can debate for example where is the Soviet union

But if this is a guise to throw shit at Trotsky who in fact was one of the
main parts of the left opposition. Well then we are going to have some
fights. The state capitalists do not go back that far (i think) but came out
of the Pabloite degeneration of the fourth international after the second
world war..

But as a stupid worker i could be wrong. I am certainly no expert on the
state capitalists. But antbody who drags trotsky through the mud makes me a
bit suspious..

So will you please come forward and present youtr selfs. Or are you going to
wait until the battle is all over here..

malecki in exile...

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