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Fri May 3 11:23:27 MDT 1996

Hugh wrote among other things..
>the Nicaraguan revolution was being prepared by the non-revolutionary
>policies of the Sandinistas right from the day of victory against the
>Somoza dictatorship.
There we have it again. The leadership question.

However, i tend to agree with both Jim and Hugh on the nicaraguan question.
But i really do not think that the Soviet union,(perhaps Cuba) could have
been pressured into doing anything.

Why. Well Nicaragua was in the western hemisphere. The Kremlin had already
backed down around the Cuban missile crisis! The Cubans should have had a
vital urge to help extend this revolution but had then their asses burned in
Angola. And also we are not talking about the Soviet union and cuba of the
60ties and the 70ties. But of the 80ties and the defeat of the Chileans in
back of us. But also in my earlier letter the social base in the advanced
industrial countries had gotten a little older began having families and
integrating themselves in the everyday gray life of making careers...Thus
the rebellious nature of the academic youth of the late sixties and the
seventies was spent..

malecki in exile...

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