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"The opportunist, because of his very nature, always avoids approaching
problems definitely and precisely.  He seeks the aggregate result.  He makes
efforts to "agree" with both sides of every argument while reducing his
differences to small amendments, innocent good wishes, etc. etc."

V.I. Lenin, "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back", February/May 1904

On the question of the "peace letters plot" that the Communist party of Peru
has labelled "nothing but a counterrevolutionary hoax", the revisionist
Avakian who controls Co-Rim has said that it is a "two-line struggle" within
the PCP.  Here we have two lines, two sides of the contradiction.

One side, the PCP, affirms:  The "peace letters plot is a
counter-revolutionary hoax engineered by US imperialism and fabricated in
the headquarters of the National Intelligence System of the Peruvian state"

The Fujimori regime and US imperialism affirm that the "peace letters" is a
question of two-line struggle within the PCP, that there are two camps, one
in favour, one against the continuation of the People's war and that
Chairman Gonzalo is the leader of the "Peace faction".  Robert Avakian and
the Co-Rim affirm all of the above, except that they blushingly say "we do
not really know what is in the mind of Chairman Gonzalo".  That, in essence
is the second side of the contradiction.

Now a "third side" appears.  Quispe's:

"To say that the "contrarrevolutionary hoax" is a 100% police hoax is a 100%
stupidity".  (Ccorimanya, Quispe's alter ego)

Half a dozen of this and half a dozen of the other.  The
counter-revolutionary hoax turns out to be only partly a hoax.  From this
follows that Co-Rim is only partly wrong, that Fujimori and Us imperialist
claims are partly true, that Chairman Gonzalo "partly leads" the "peace
agreement camp", that we only "partly know" what is his mind, that the PCP
is "partly wrong", that the People's War should only "partly continue",
which in other words means that it should "partly end".  And so, ad
infinitum.  The snake wriggles of the opportunist, the straddling two stools
is the ugly road of the renegades.

Adolfo Olaechea

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