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Fri May 3 18:31:52 MDT 1996

> A curious fact is that when that article was published, the egregious and
> "self-effacing" Mr. Quispe actually wrote a mailer to the "journalist"
> offering himself as an interlocutor "to give the real information about the
> People's War in Peru".  God makes them and they come together of their own
> accord.
> Adolfo

Marcelina: The problem with charlatan Olaechea is that he equates myths with
facts. He tries to mislead the public and win this debate with a pack of
lies and and speculations. In this regard, we deny that Luis ever contacted
the "journalist" named Zodiac or Campbell offering himself as an interlocutor
as Olaechea claims. To the contrary, it is Olaechea who is desperately
seeking "journalists" to promote himself. Also, he has sent us several
senderologists and likely agents of reaction to
investigate and nail The New Flag. Below is the evidence. We present these
records so that the readers of the Marxist list (especially the supporters
of the People's War) can judge the facts by themselves. One thing that
most of us we
agree is that Olaechea has not credibility to lead a "world mobilization."
His erratic bahavior and his blind attacks on Comrades and enemies make
of him an irrational indovidual. It is not the policy of The New Flag to
contact senderologists, we have a clear position on this matter.

To: Luis Quispe <lquispe at nyxfer.blythe.org>
From: zodiac at interlog.com (zodiac)
Subject: PERU Internet resources

Hi there, Luis --

I write a regular column about the Internet. I have already interviewed
Adolfo for an upcoming article about his rather, uh, tumultuous activities
online (Peru list et al). I'd like to do a follow-up article more
specifically on the Peru civil war itself, helping people find better
information than they can find in the mainstream press.

I would like to list every single "alternative" information source on Peru
around. As I believe you are the driving force behind the
http://ursula.blythe.org/peru-pcp site, I am contacting you. (I got a 404
error for the site just now! Is it dead? Moved? Why? Administrative problems?)

Hope you can help spread the word on these resources. I'd like to quote you,
too, if that would be okay.


>From zodiac at interlog.com Sun Apr 14 12:41:48 1996
From: zodiac at interlog.com (zodiac)
Subject: Re: PERU Internet resources

Heya Luis --

I would like to include a quote from your comments about Adolfo. Is this
okay? Would you prefer to not be named? I think your observations are
critical to help readers understand the man more fully.

Adolfo says he thinks there are plenty of Peruvian government disinformation
agents online now, and they have hounded him in previous flame wars in the
Peru list -- and on soc.culture.peru. Do you agree they are?

Have you ever been hounded?

>3) to criticize
>unnecessarily would be supporters in the list -some honest individuals with
>liberals tendencies, not unusual in the imperialist countries cannot be

This is easily his worst failing. I know, for a fact, he has alienated at
least two dozen people here who would have at least been sympathetic and
probably developed into supporters. I have tried in a few posts to get the
people to separate in their minds their hatred for Adolfo from the PCP and
the insurgency. I cannot imagine a single one of those two dozen would not
have been sympathetic to the VC -- yet here I find them dismissing the PCP,
generally because they now equate it with Adolfo.

I think he, like many others on the list, got so caught up in the flaming,
they failed to see they were singeing all the innocents standing around
trying to learn something.

Well, whatever damage is done, I am personally appreciative for you helping
get information in my _own_ hands. I have, in the last week, simply immersed
myself in PCP-Peru related material, something that was lacking in my
education. Thanks for your hardwork at contributing so much information.


P.S. Is there any regular online English translation of El Diario? Do you
provide these yourself? I'd like to know more history about it, and your own
New Flag. Perhaps you could give me a short history for our readers to
better understand the two publications...?

P.P.S. Why did you yourself get online Luis? And when? And has the net
helped you circumvent the problems of 1) censorship and 2) costs of

>From zodiac at interlog.com Mon Apr 15 13:20:09 1996
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 13:18:56 -0400
To: Luis Quispe <lquispe at blythe.org>
From: zodiac at interlog.com (zodiac)
Subject: Re: PERU Internet resources

Hi Luis and Marcelina --

My form of "helping" would be, I suppose, to "translate" the essential
points about the civil war into "liberalese" (something just beyond English
;-). By spreading the word without use of phraseology like "glorious" and
"great leader" and all that stuff that has been rendered a joke by
satirists, and therefore clouds the actual information one is trying to
impart, hopefully it can then begin to penetrate a different culture. (One
doesn't fight battles in the plains using tactics of the mountains; nor vice

The ultimate goal on the Western international front would be to land the
support of someone like Noam Chomsky, who has enormous credibility with the
lefty thinker crowd. To get credibility with his adherents, one has to
present material the way he does -- that is, heavily documented,
multi-sourced reports of atrocities, the terrible conditions masses of
Peruvians live under, the economic history, the need of the people to exact
military operations, etc. While you may think Strong did a terrible job, he
provided a first step toward this. And it was Strong's book, more than
anything else, that convinced me almost all the mainstream press stuff I
read about SL was bullshit. You should revisit your opinions on that book.

That was why I asked you about factual material -- those summarizes of
mainstream press stories I found in Holland. Analyzing media coverage like
that is an essential key to attracting the interest of Chomskyists -- where
it can be demonstrably shown that the government of Peru is lying. (I found
El Diario's Jan 1996 summary piece "Fujimori's Abyss" perfect for this kind
of thing.) Once that point of entry into the subject is made, the rest of
the disinformation will be ripped down.


I have limits on what I can do. I work for a newspaper. Liberal though that
paper be, being seen as intimately involved will just weaken my credibility.
I am not a student, I am a journalist/editor. However, a very large chunk of
our 250,000 readers (100,000 papers are distributed across southern Ontario
every Thursday) are university students. I know many would be interested in
hearing the FACTS about the insurgency. And for that reason, I welcome being
kept fully in the know on events there (and to refute the flak I may yet
take for doing this two-part story).

It is not a story I can write about every week, or even every month. I
cannot wage a partisan war, nor organize activities myself. I can, though,
help others find out information, after which they can make up their own
minds on whether to help and further propagate material. You understand how
the game works...

>  I think you would need to give us your postal address and will put in the
>  mail the first package (if you can you send us stamps for the mailings-
>  but the first shipment is on us.) What school do you work? Can you
>  arrange an activity on campus, maybe some student organization?
>  We can send a speaker and videos.

You can send the material to

 275 King St E.
 P.O. Box 40
 Toronto, Ontario
 Canada M5A 1k2

It would go to good use. (BTW -- What are the videos about? They sound
intriguing. What is involved when a speaker shows up? How have these events
been run thus far?)

>Would you make a brief statement of support to the PCP
>and the people of Peru? It is ok in you own words and way if thinking.
>We are preparing a special issue of the New Flag with the latest news
>of the People's War (80 pages), we have a section of letters to the editor,
>we won't put your name.

Ummm... sure, no name or email address or anything like that.

"You don't have to read Capital to see what Karl Marx means by the 'bloody
genesis of capital,' you just have to follow the economic history of Peru
the last few decades. If my children were born into that world, I would not
hesitate to pick up a rifle and march with the PCP. And I would encourage my
children to do likewise, for what other self-respecting fate could they
remotely call _their own_? Power to them."


>From zodiac at interlog.com Mon Apr 15 16:45:26 1996
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 16:44:08 -0400
To: Luis Quispe <lquispe at blythe.org>
Subject: Re: PERU Internet resources

Quick follow-up:

I just installed the pdf plugin for Netscape -- and first thing I use it on
was the NF (I had printed out all the PCP stuff already). Imagine my delight
to see the material I was praising so much is sourced directly from the NF!
Good work! Great use of the tech! Proud to know ya...


To: Luis Quispe <lquispe at blythe.org>
From: zodiac at interlog.com (zodiac)
Subject: Re: PERU Internet resources
X-Mailer: <Windows Eudora Version 2.0.2>
Status: RO

Luis --

I am now gearing up to write the column on how Internet users can get
uncensored news about the situation in Peru -- outside of the reach of
Peruvian censors. (Part 1 was largely about Adolfo and his net wars.)

Part 2 would largely focus on sources: yourself, maybe something about Arce,
and whoever else is putting info on the net. Does Arce have an email
address? A phone number? Likewise yourself? Do you want to talk voice, or do
you prefer email?

Could you give me a history on what the New Flag is, when it was founded,
what it's purpose is? Also, what is your own background? Are you from Peru
originally? I hope these questions aren't intrusive, they are the details
readers appreciate. Hopefully they will encourage them to check out your web

[Note of New Flag: DELETED -Journalist asked sensitive internal
information. At this point we wondered if this guy was a legitimate
"journalist" and we should be extremely careful in handling his

Are there any other Peru sources?

Questions, questions...

I have a deadline of 8 am Monday morn. I hope you can help over the next day
or two.


P.S. When the managing editor of the paper read my story, knowing nothing of
the events in Peru, he did what every editor does: he went to the wire
service database to "learn" about the situation. He then sent back a story
with the lead rewritten to include two new points: 1) Since Guzman was
captured, the insurgency has been losing ground, and 2) there is a split in
the PCP, some people wanting peace.

I explained to him that those were precisely the points in contention, and
which part 2 of the series (that I am about to write) would be about. Those
two points he was including as fact were part of the Peruvian government's
propaganda campaign. That was why they were cracking down harder than ever
against the press and free speech, etc., to prevent people from poking a
hole in their story.

So he let me cut his additions back out, with the promise I would deal with
those issues in part two. I have to deliver on that promise.

I just mention that story to highlight the way the news game works: This guy
(the managing editor) has no opinion about the situation in Peru, knows
nothing about it. But the reservoir of information he accesses to give
himself an opinion is tainted with the "official story." If I had also been
like most reporters (ill-informed), I would have just let him rewrite the
lead and repeat the same stuff.

The news game is one big incestuous bundle of "pack reportage" -- endlessly
regurgitating information without ever checking anything themselves.

>From zodiac at interlog.com Wed Apr 17 18:36:16 1996
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 18:33:49 -0400
To: Luis Quispe <lquispe at blythe.org>
Subject: Re: PERU Internet resources

Hi again --

Here's a more formal reply to your last missive.

> The first thing we would like to ask you is to edit a booklet call
> Introduction to the People's War that we are sending you in the mail,
> while you read you can edit it and send us back (it is only a small
> booklet with about 50 pages.)

No problem. If it's okay with you, I'll scan it in, then send back my edited
version as a digital file by email. The edit would be far clearer... less
wiggly lines and mysterious pen scratches.

> I share your preocupation on this matter.
> We must clear out the bullshit on the PCP that goes around in the liberal
> imperialist media in the U.S. MOst of the arguments of reaction are easily
> refutable and some can be neutralize with factual information.

Exactly. It's one thing to scream at people in Usenet newsgroups and mailing
lists. That takes care of one personality type. But the real audience you
want to target are the quieter types who simply want the facts without the
rhetoric from either side.

>Although they don't trust it and in some cases hate their
>government, the masses in the U.S. have been raped with a massive
anti-communist >propaganda. So, we work in this type of environment.

This is right on. I have many times interviewed iconoclasts of all stripes
-- and it amazes me how much they distrust the news media and their
government, refuse to believe anything those organs state... except when it
comes to understanding what socialism means, or what the USSR was, or what
Mao was talking about, etc. In those instances, they seem unable to see that
they are buying the official line. It's an interesting sociological phenomenon.

Your comments about Chomsky et al are well-taken. And your caution is wise,
it avoids foolish expectations. However, I still don't think one should give
up on Chomsky too fast. He does not take well to being accused, in an
academic manner, of being a "hypocrite." He certainly was not afraid of
lending his name to a book by that wacko Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson
-- Chomsky was defending free speech, not Holocaust denial. And he certainly
took enormous harrassment and damage for attacking the US government's
actions regarding Cambodia, and the part played by the Western press. If one
asked why he is silent on Peru, it could draw an interesting reaction. But
that's something to be approached tactically, at a ripe moment.

>University students are a great target for our efforts. Perhaps more
>important than the left itself in this country. How can we get a list
>of on-campus newspapers?

Let's see if there is any feedback from the stories. If so, I will pass
along your email address. Or they will contact you themselves, because I
will include the New Flag email address in the article.

>> Ummm... sure, no name or email address or anything like that.
>Don't worry. You will sleep well from now on. Send the second paragraph.
>Some yankees (the good ones) like revolutionary poetry.

You lost me here... Second paragraph?


>From zodiac at interlog.com Thu Apr 18 06:41:26 1996
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 06:38:45 -0400
To: Luis Quispe <lquispe at blythe.org>
From: zodiac at interlog.com (zodiac)
Subject: Re: PERU Internet resources
X-Mailer: <Windows Eudora Version 2.0.2>
Status: RO

Thanks for this paragraph. It'll be the only direct quote I use from you, so
don't worry. You can sleep soundly:

> The NF existance respond to a political need. In the late 93, the
>leadership of the RCP stabbed us in the back by refusing to publish
>and distribute Party
>  documents and our writings. It was a blatant censorship in their
>  We had no experience whatsoever on journalism. We started to ask
>  friends in Peru and here on what should we do. We were told to read Mao
>  writings on the journalistic front during the Chinesse revolution
>  and that we should also follow the example of El Diario in Lima in
>  how a publication should be run solely by the support of the masses, we
>  don't need to sell and profit from, and the political gain was more
>  important that anything else. And the who are the journalists? the masses.

Mao was good with media, from what I've read of his interactions with it.
Did he pen a specific study on it? What's it called?

>> Questions, questions...

[Here we warned the "journalist" recommended by Olaechea that we were
very cautious about his line of questioning]

>  Do you know about Malinowski during the Bolshevik Revolution?
>  He was a journalist, Lenin knew he was a "journalist", but he was
>  very useful to the revolution. He run the paper "Red Star" (I believe)
>  but he used to make his beans working as an undercover for the Tzar.
>  Stalin took care of him later on. These are the risks we all have to take.

are you likening me to Malinowski? If the latter, keep your booklet and
forget the "editing." I assure you I have enough of a workload as it, with
no time for a life, without getting tangled in paranoia. You can still use
my statement, as my support for the people of Peru remains. Likewise, I will
still direct people to your site by publishing the URL.

Thanks very much for your time. And good luck.


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