Delusions of grandeur

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Sat May 4 08:31:44 MDT 1996

"There was a convergence with the FSLN. However, there was never a
historic convergence with Sinn Fein. No resolution or report of the
Socialist Workers Party ever suggested that there was. [Can't you
picture thousands of Irish nationalists turning in their arms after this
crushing news.] Perhaps some comrades had a different evaluation at
an earlier stage, but if so they were wrong, as we all would now agree.
Sinn Fein was not moving toward becoming part of the resolution of
the crisis of communist leadership on a world scale. Nor were other
organizations that were occasionally proposed as candidates for this
convergence, such as the Communist Party of the Philippines, the
Communist Party of the Dominican Republic, or, earlier, the Black
Panther Party, the Chinese Communist Party [!!], and some others.
Some comrades began looking for--hoping for, more accurately--a
development toward communism by these groups, but the hope never
lasted very long because there was no objective basis for it. [Could this
explain the Chinese Communist Party's drift toward the market? It
didn't have the SWP to tutor it.]

To say now there never was a convergence with the FSLN would lead
in the direction of unraveling everything we have conquered and
enriched our program with in the last decade [While the FSLN was
selling out, the SWP was 'staying the course' and not giving back any
factories to the American capitalist class]. We were converging with
the FSLN. Then there was a change in direction by the leadership in
Managua [It must have been something in the water supply; Managua's
reservoirs are very dicey]. That change is what we are focusing on. If we
lose that, we lose the point of this resolution."

(Larry Seigle, SWP leader, made these remarks to a convention in
1989. A few months after making them, he dropped out of the SWP
and returned to Minnesota, his birthplace, in order to enjoy a
private life. All that revolutionary stuff denouncing other groups
must have worn him out. I understand he has gone to work for his father, a
real estate developer.)

Louis Proyect

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