The Avakian-Quispe-T.P. impostor group exposed 1/2

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The Avakian-Quispe-T.P. impostor group exposed 1/2 [Sent: 04.05.96]

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¤1. *Warning*

All adherents of the political line of Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong
and all supporters of the people's war in Peru should be warned:

There is a group of impostors who pretend to adhere to this line
and to support this people's war but who in reality are doing the
exact opposite and internationally are undertaking dirty subversion 
work for the imperialists, against the proletarian revolutionary forces. 
This is the Avakian-Quispe-T.P. group. 

In connection with 1 May this year in particular, this group has 
exposed itself completely. This has quite rightly been pointed out
to all readers of the Marxism list by comrade Adolfo Olaechea of the 
London Sol-Peru Committee, in part based on a report of mine on 
events here in Malmoe, Sweden.

¤2. *Who are together in this group?*

Two main representatives of this group are:

a) Bob Avakian, chairman of the so-called "RCP" of the USA,
ideological leader of the so-called "RIM" ("Revolutionary
Internationalist Movement"), an "aircraft carrier" of international
subversion against the revolutionary forces which was launched
in 1984, and main representative of its leading body, the "CoRIM"

b) Luis Quispe, chief editor of the publication "The New Flag" ("La
Nueva Bandera"), New York City.

One representative in Europe of this group, whose activities should
likewise be noted because they constitute a revealing link between
Avakian and Quispe and because he obviously since several years
back is functioning as a liaison person between them on the one
hand and some other bad elements on the other, is:

c) Mr "Traficante Politico" (T.P.), whom I have already mentioned in 
earlier postings, leader of a small group of persons here in the 
Malmoe region in Sweden who masquerade as an "MPP, Sweden",
which however some comrades here, obviously actual MPP
representatives, have pointed out is a fake.

¤3. *Isn't Quispe opposing Avakian? No.*

In connection with 1 May 1996, the actual continuing subversive 
cooperation between Quispe, on the one hand, and Avakian, on the 
other, was exposed more clearly than ever.

During the last months, Quispe has stated his opposition to 
Avakian's long-since exposed stabbing the people's war in Peru in
the back. But this has been a *fake* "opposition". Quispe has been
engaging in double-dealing. His his real intentions show up very
clearly in his supporting, against the consistent proletarian
revolutionary forces and against the actual supporters of the
people's war, Mr. T.P., who in his turn openly supports Avakian and
tries to make people here in Sweden believe that Avakian's open
treason hasn't taken place at all. By supporting the actions of T.P.,
Quispe in reality keeps supporting Avakian.

¤4. *Mr T.P., a not-so-missing link*

Why couldn't Mr. T.P., as some of his partners elsewhere have done,
try to jump off Avakian's pirate ship when it really started sinking?
I believe that this is mainly because I at an early stage saw the need
for clarification and forced him and his few followers - who at the time
were still in part fooling, in part bullying, most of the sincere active 
supporters here of the people's war in Peru - to commit themselves one 
way or the other. This was by means of my proposing, at a meeting of the 
local IEC group on 05.04.1994, that we as a group suggest to the IEC 
central in London that the IEC publish internationally the vital PCP 
CC Oct '93 declaration (which the Avakianists were foully suppressing) 
and by insisting that a vote be taken on this matter. Mr. T.P. thereby
 was forced either to act against his traitorous friends or else lash 
himself to one of the masts of their ship. He chose the latter.

What has T.P. been doing, in Sweden and in other countries, since
that date, 05.04.94? What in particular did he do on 1 May of this year? 
And what has Quispe or other "New Flag" editors, who cannot pretend 
not to know about this, since they have been in constant and close 
contact with T.P., recently written about it? This is something which 
merits attention.

¤5. *The actions of "Comrade with unblemished political record" 
     Mr.T.P. before 1 May 1996*

The actions of T.P. and his followers before 01.05.96 I've already 
written about in earlier postings. The facts here are easy to prove with
documents too. Since they're important in this connection, I'll recount 
them again.

T.P. tried to get the 05.04.94 meeting to comdemn(!) me for putting
forward the proposal mentioned above. Although he and his followers 
indeed "carried" that meeting concerning the proposal itself and by
deception and threats got 11 "no":s to it, against my single "yea",
such "condemnation" was a bit too thick even for that meeting. Then
apparently T.P. called a "meeting" - a quite illegal one, in that case,
since neither I nor several other members were called - of "the IEC
local group" on 05.07.94 which did indeed "condemn" and "exclude"
me - even if it *had* been a legal local meeting, it could by no means
have excluded me as member of the Steering Committee of the IEC,
since I as one of two SC members representing the (entire) IEC 
chapter in Sweden am not only a representative of our local group. But
this was what a dirty reactionary letter which I got from the T.P. 
clique in October(!) 1994, pretending to be a decision of a "05.07.94 
meeting", also stated. I was supposedly "no longer SC member".
The details of all this, which can be verified, clearly show not only 
the reactionary line of T.P. but also his truly mafia-like methods.

In September 1994 a meeting of the MPP:s of several countries and
of other organizations genuinely or supposedly supporting the 
people's war in Peru took place in Lund (20 km from Malmoe), as I was 
informed only much later. Nobody as much as told me about it at the 
time. Opportunism in fact reigned *almost* supreme in this region. At
this meeting, T.P. played an important role, apparently still being called
"comrade" by everybody.  So far, only I had seen through him, it seems

But approximately from then on he and some others started their
foul boycott of El Diario Internacional. This was further direct support
for the Avakianists, because that monthly was, alongside other forces
(such as myself),  one of the early exposers of their open treason. In 
March '94, for instance, it had carried the article "El silencio de los
corderos", "The Silence of the Sheep", without then naming any names.

I on my part didn't mention any names either, but likewise criticized
the "CoRIM":s suppression of the Oct '93 PCP declaration, in my
12.04.94 letter to the IEC central, for circulation to all other SC 
members, suggesting we publish internationally this declaration.
I published the letter in English and Spanish. On 12.08.94 I
published the article "Why Does the RIM Help U.S. Imperialism
Encircle the PCP?", later posted on the Net on 01.01.96 as "UNITE!
Info #3en". All concerned in the Malmoe region know perfectly well
that T.P.'s attacks on me have been caused precisely by my 
exposure of the Avakianists.

Apparently only several months later, T.P. and one other person were
expelled from the Malmoe MPP. I never was a member of it, and have
only recently learned of this expulsion. In May 1995 a Sol-Peru group
was formed in Malmoe. It attacks the open treason of the Avakianists
and i.a. supports El Diario Internacional, to whose distribution here in
Sweden I since March '95 am contributing. Also in Stockholm, both
the openly capitulationist Javier E. group and the somewhat more
camouflaged Avakianist-capitulationist group of Mr. T.P., which in
reality both are pulling at the same rope, have been seen through by 
more and more people. 

As Quispe himself has recounted, T.P. and his followers contributed
to organizing a meeting in Berlin in June 1995 - assembling 2000
people, Quispe has maintained, lauding T.P. for this. But Quispe
never reported, what was the *line* of that meeting. From elsewhere,
I have the information that it was a so-called "conference on M-L-M",
and since apparently all who know about its actual line are so
extremely ashamed of it that they're *keeping mum completely* on
this point, I find it reasonable to draw the conclusion that in reality 
it was one where the "CoRIM"'s open treason, by then quite apparent
to all, was *not* condemned but on the contrary, in practice at least, 

Precisely in Berlin - according to reports which appear reliable -
a group of people known as "the RIMlers" since many years back
have engaged in massively discrediting Marxism, Leninism and Mao
Zedong Thought and specifically also discrediting the people's war
in Peru, by posing as "Maoists" and at the same time quite 
unjustifiably attacking participants of other demonstrations than their 
own physically.  Co-responsible for his obviously are, i.a., the Avakian-
Quispe-T.P. group and also, not least, my ex-comrades of the earlier very 
important but now degenerated KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT), who as far as I 
know have kept completely silent on this although they themselves have 
been "active" in that same city, Berlin.

¤6. *The actions of "Comrade with unblemished political record" 
        Mr.T.P. on 1 May 1996*

As I pointed out in my 02.05 posting "Attempts to keep subversive
carrier 'RIMitz' afloat" (I apologize for the misprint: "ko", in its 
subject line), the T.P. clique here in Malmoe on 1 May disseminated 
firstly, a "statement" by the today quite infamous "CoRIM" and secondly a 
small pamphlet openly defending Avakian's and his "CoRIM"'s treason with 
i.a. (a quote translated by me):

	"Today there are some people who are accusing the RIM 
	and/or the Committee of the RIM of being opportunist, but 
	these accusations go against what was established by 	
        documents and metings of the PCP. At present, it's
	Luis Arce Borja who is spearheading these sinister attacks 	        against 
the RIM and he's doing this with articles in El Diario 	        
Internacional, on the Internet and mendacious letters which of 
	course have been repudiated by the MPP and the great 	

Furthermore, as I've only recently learned, Mr.T.P and some members
of his clique appeared at the place in Stockholm where a meeting of
some 60 people, in support of the people's war in Peru, had assembled,
and tried physically to butt in - this, it must be remembered, only three
weeks after that provocation in Stockholm on 08.04 which has been
denounced by the Sol-Peru Malmoe committee, by the recently formed
Ci'rculo de Estudios Ce'sar Vallejo, by me (in a 15.04 posting) and by
El Diario Internacional (its issue No. 33) - in an attempt to make those 
present support the Avakianist capitulationism! They didn't succeed. 
But here it is again: T.P. and his followers indeed are doing all they
possibly can to discredit the people's war in Peru. This now is quite
clear to many people in this country. Quispe shares responsibilty for this 
latest action by the T.P. clique, too, because of his having 
supported them so massively and for so long. 

¤7. *Comrade Olaechea's correct conclusion from the 1 May events:
     A snake has been found out*

After I had posted my report on events (only) in Malmoe, comrade
Adolfo Olaechea of the Sol-Peru London Committee quite rightly, 
in a posting to the Marxism list on 02.05, subject " FACTS EXPOSE THE 
wrote i.a.:

>Marxist-Leninist-Maoist comrades in the USA and other places 
>should now be clear about this swindler Quispe, the agent of 
>Avakian trying to usurp the Red Flag of the People's War in Peru.  
>A man whose "comrades in Sweden" publicise and defend the Co-
>RIM.  A man who defends those very leaflet handlers of Co-Rim who 
>are attacking El Diario Internacional in full accordance with the 
>reactionary plans of US imperialism and the Fujimori regime.

>Either Arce Borja and us here in London who also place Arce's 
>articles in Internet are, as Quispe's "dear friends and comrades 
>from the Malmo MPP" say, "spearheading these sinister attacks [..."]

>or it is Quispe, Ccorimanya, Duran Araujo and the Sweden based
>couple of traffickers those who are the sinister servants of Avakian in
>conspiring against the line of PCP and the People's War in Peru.
>A SNAKE has been found out in our midst once again, a Snake of 
>the Lin-piao type, and a couple of black rats are also in its company!

[Continued in Part 2/2]

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