Cuba's record on internationalism

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 >> What was Cuba's line on the foreign debt problem ravaging Latin America?
Was it 'No to the debt!', 'Cancel the debt!', <<Hugh Rodwell

 Jon Flanders:

  It the weekend, so its back to work for me. No way I can respond to all
these charges. But this one is easy. The Cuban's line was Cancel the Debt.
That doesn't mean that they expected individual countries to not pay, unless
that was the only thing they could do. They attempted to organize a POLITICAL
campaign across Latin America around the debt question. The campaign got a
good hearing from the masses, but not surprisingly the leaders of other
countries were not so supportive.

   I guess Hugh thinks Cuba should have made life even worse for its people by
refusing to pay their debt. Under current circumstances that might lead to the
overthrow of the revolution.

   By jeesum, they would have stood on a principle though!

 Jon F

 PS Look, I am no expert on Nicaragua, I am just a former solidarity activist
with a marxist outlook that is trying to understand what happened. When I say
I don't have the time, this is a reality. I probably spend more time than I
should just reading this list.

 I will say though, that now at least Louis's original posts have had the
discussion they deserved. It has been educational for me anyway.


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