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Sun May 5 00:25:36 MDT 1996

Louis has now presented us with numerous documents which appear to me as
saying. All is lost!  Naturally for those who were engaged in the events in
Nicaragua that is the so called "marxist" who in one way or another were
either tailing the nicaraguan leadership or trying to be their left wing
advisors or those who more openly supported this leadership as being
revolutionary can go on for years discussing "Why the revolution failed".

But the problem is not only that the revolution failed but their appear too
be a least five fractions claiming to be the "real" Sandinistas in the post
revolution era. That does not sound to me like any conclusions have been
drawn. In fact it sounds like there are a lot of people trying to awake the
dead revolution from the grave.

Revolutions fortunately are made by the masses. But as Lenin said
revolutions can not succeed without the consious element. In this case the
Bolshevik party.

Does Louis deny this or accept this fact of life?

In some of your writings you say that Lenin failed. Especially around the
question of the NEP in the 1920ties. This is just absurd. You take someting
entirely out of context and try to paste it into the Nicaraguan revolution.
You do exactly the same thing that you have accused others here for. Louis
says we try to take our ideas and paste them into the situation in Nicaragua.

The point being. There was no Bolshevik party determined to fight it out to
the end.
Lenins party fought it out to the end and seized power setting up the
dictatorship of the proletariat. He did this in the context of the
revolution spreading to the industrial countries. Not in the least Germany.
This reality did not succeed. So the revolution in Russia had to go its way.
The NEP has to be seen in that context.

The Bolsheviks did not sit around with a bunch of statistics in their hands
expecting to organise state farms and start exporting to the european
countries in order to balance the economy. In fact the NEP was to feed the
starving masses after the world war and the civil war. The backwardness of
the class in Russia did not stop the Bolsheviks from taking steps in order
to solve the problems that the revolution was facing at that point.

But according to you, it appears as if one should see if the budget is
balanced under a revolution. Naturally it is the masses who must make the
revolution, but also the mistakes in the revolution. This is not something
that the leadership can say-it can,t be done-therefore we turn the
revolution over to the class enemy.

But the whole gist of your documents is just that. A defense of a leadership
which was not prepared to go all the way. So instead of even trying to go
forward with the revolution even if it would have led to a military defeat
would have been better then turning it over to the counter revolution in the

However, you were not alone. Many of the so called "Trotskyists" also tailed
the Nicaraguan leadership for a long time. Then jumped on the authodox train
and started saying "I told you so". Others are probably today one of the
five fractions claiming to be the real Sandinistas.

But there were others who said from the beginning something entirely
different. We are the ones you call the "Leninists" who sit in the bleechers
screaming the dictatorship of the proletariat all the time.

You know the people that say, it was the Leninists who did in fact lead a
proletarian revolution. They were the ones that built the third
international. Then there is the history of the left opposition and also the
history of the fourth international and also its degeneration after the
second world war.

I am one of those peoples that defend these people as the continuity of the
Bolshevik party and its ideas. Albeit not as highy trained as some of the
other comrades whom i sympathize with. We are making slow progress.

But you my friend are just a bitter man. Crying over spillt milk and lashing
out in all directions to get even for what?

It is the coming generations of the poor and the working class that are
going to pay for our failures. It is ther blood we are playing with. Because
the slaves will raise again! And again, and again.

Our duty is to be their and fight with them all the way. So stop whining louis.

Taking Lenin out of context and beating the SWP on the head will solve
nothing other then perhaps a bruised ego..

Warm regards
malecki in exile..

PS: I fight in my way. What is your way?

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