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Sun May 5 01:26:39 MDT 1996

>Hugh wrote:
>In concrete terms, no parties in the Social-Democratic or Stalinist
>traditions are able to provide this kind of 'service' to the working-class.
>No purely national parties will be much help either. Three or four
>international parties within the tradition of the Fourth International are
>what I see as the nearest you'll get at the moment. Starting with my own
>organization, these are the International Workers League (also known as the
>LIT - Liga Internacional de los Trabajadores), the Workers International
>(with the British Workers Press as its flagship paper), International
>Militant and the United Secretariat (Mandelite). The first two are
>collaborating by way of a Liaison Committee, whose Joint Declaration (on
>the world situation and main political goals) I can send you if you're
>interested. I don't hold out much hope for the Mandelite tendency because
>of its Pabloism in relation to the former Soviet Union (the Stalinist
>bureaucracy would be forced by history to do our revolutionary tasks for
>us), its growing federalism and its hopeless tailending of a never-ending
>stream of one-off movements, but there are a number of serious Trotskyists
>still organized in it.

Hugh, Send me some stuff on the above..Very interested in reading about it.

malecki in exile...

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