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Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Sun May 5 02:28:42 MDT 1996

Hello comrade Jay,

Only a brief reply to your questions for now:

T.P. in *not* the same person as "the individual in Sweden".
It's obvious that you haven't read my postings. Please do,
even if they're rather lengthy. It's above all by events in
this country that the real connection and cooperation
between Quispe and Avakian show up. Probably in the future,
they'll continue to do so. Keeping yourself posted will do
no harm.

On the document of the Quispe-ists here on 1 May:

I already quoted one IMO very important part of it.

I think it *would* be pretty time-consuming to translate
and send the entire document. Perhaps it will help clarification,
though. I'll see what I can do.

In supporting the call for the WMC, we're together. You're
wrong, though, in thinking both sides in the present struggle are
on the same side. It's necessary for all comrades to study the
documents of both sides. True, they're awfully long. But in
order for the facts to be uncovered, I on my part at least so
far have found it necessary to write at great length.

For instance, concerning *some* of the *political* issues
involved, I recommend you read my posting to newsgroups
Info #8en, in 5 parts, of 25.04. The 3 last parts were also
sent to the list.

Also: Please read Quispe's latest diatribes.
He says i.a. "debate finished". No, sorry, it has only just started.




>I am not sure about all this going-ons about this Swedish stuff.
>I admit I am confused by some of, Is this T.P. the "individual
>in Sweden" mentioned in PCP document?  Or another?
>Rolf mentions a flyer or pamphlet that was distributed by the
>avakianists?  If it is not too lengthy, Rolf, can you post it?
>Or quote the most important parts at least?  That may be helpful.

>Jay Miles / Detroit
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