Siddharth & others on nukes etc, please wait

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Sun May 5 02:40:56 MDT 1996

Hello Siddharth,
and others who have posted concerning
the anti-industry etc campaigns, the
one against nuclear energy in particular:

I'd like to reply to you all, because those questions
are indeed important. Right at the moment I don't have
time to do so, unfortunately. You'll have seen the
struggle going on among those who say they're Mao Zedong
adherents. So far, I've given this fight priority.
Indirectly, the questions of the anti-industry campaigns
come in here, too - see my "UNITE! Info #8en" posting in
5 parts on 25.04, 3 parts of which also went to this list.

One thing I'll recommend you read before it goes away is
a posting on '' on 21.04 by my *ex*-comrades
of a certain - now unfortunately bourgeois - German party,
concerning Chernobyl. It's easy to find, a long document
in two parts.

Although these people can no longer be trusted, they still,
even as today a bourgeois organization, understand these
questions comparatively well, and on the whole this article
is quite informative.

And, as I said, more from me later.

Rolf M.

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