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Sun May 5 13:25:46 MDT 1996

Hello Luis,

>Louis: Unlike Hans, I have the feeling that the Quispe-Adolfo controversy
>is over some very profound questions. I try to read what each party has to
>say with great objectivity. I would only suggest to the Maoist comrades
>that they find a way to:

You're right there. Profound questins are behind the conflict.
>1) avoid denouncing each other as spies or the class-enemy. when I read
>this sort of thing, it makes it difficult for me to separate the static
>from the signal.

The enemies of the workers and of the oppressed peoples are massively
outnumbered. They must prevent the latter from getting organized.
Therefore, spies and agents are the rule. This was so, even in the
days of Marx. Today, the bourgeoisie-proletariat contradiction is even
more acute in the world. The enitre ruling system is even more
absurd, much more so.

In this case, it was the opposite side that started talking about
agents of the enemy etc. People who follow the debate probably will
see what people such really be suspected of such things. Your
idea "spy talk must be static" is dead wrong. Haven't I heard
that a million times here in "quiet" Sweden? Didn't I myself
think the "agenst, spies and provocateur" talk of some emigree
Germain comrades of mine, in 1974, was much exaggerated? Well,
it wasn't, as I eventually found out, and these facts have
constantly turend up in later years, too.

>2) try to edit their posts to a more readable length. for many working
>people, including myself believe it or not, the task of reading such long
>material is onerous.

Sorry about the lengths. But they're necessary, in order to prove
things. There should later be some summary or summaries on the debate.
If I can, I'll provide one. I don't have all that much time myself.

>3) keep the obscure references to a minimum. if comrade Jay is confused
>about somebody in Sweden, can you imagine the position I find myself in.

I can understand that you find references to 1) people you haven't
heard about until recently 2) struggles on a very small scale, as
far as numbers are concerned - to be "obscure". But in fact quite
important things, with important international implications, have
taken place here in Malmoe, Sweden. I've tried to explain things as
clearly as I can.

Today, the battle for knowledge is important. Much of the experience
>from China, Mao's correct analysis of the general situation in the
world and his correct proletarian revolutionary policy in the early
'70:s, for instance, practically nobody knows about them today. I
happen to do so, and I also happen to have some other knowledge
that's scarce today, among the revolutionaries. Why? Because I
20 years ago or a little more happened to come into contact
with a very correct and very advanced party at that time, the
KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT) in Germany. It later degenerated, towards
the end of the *80:s or so. But I still have that knowledge.

That party was, althoug very small and although it never was
engaged in any real shooting war as is the PCP since 1980,
in some important ways much more advanced than the PCP. The PCP,
for all its merits, has been fooled concerning certain questions
by the U.S. imperialists. This is why it made the mistake of signing
the paper put forward to them by Avakian etc in 1984, and of
teaming up with that whole crowd.

Now some forces including myself are trying to break this connection,
to break this partial hold which the U.S. imperialists and - yes -
their agents are trying to preserve.

This is a very brief attempt on my part to explain what's going on.

>Again, I have learned an enormous amount from Quispe and Adolfo and I have
>no intention of every taking sides. I just want to learn.

I hope you'll *both* learn *and* take sides. Remember the words
of the guy whose birthday is today? Feuerbach-Thesis No. 11, written
in Brussels 1845: The exact English translation I don't have, but
it's approximately:

The philosophers so far have only tried to explain the world,
but the question is to change it.


Rolf M.

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