Avakian & Co. Should Go Quietly

Louis R. Godena godenas at mail.edgenet.net
Sun May 5 14:54:20 MDT 1996

It is axiomatic among materialists that if one adheres to institutions that
have passed their time, one will suffer the consequences.

During periods of violent upheaval, this truism assumes a special poignancy:

       "...for all the horror and misery they entail, wars bring at least
        the following...important benefit--they ruthlessly reveal,
        unmask and destroy much that is corrupt, outworn and dead in human
        institutions."  (Lenin, "The Collapse of the Second International,
        Collected Works, Vol 21, p.208)

Sixteen years of victorious People's War, led by the Communist Party of
Peru, has exposed the fetid nature of Peruvian society; it has "ruthlessly"
revealed, unmasked and destroyed a good deal of what is "corrupt, outworn
and dead."

But the People's War, being an important theatre in the world communist
revolution, has had repurcussions far beyond Peru and Latin America.  It has
served to just as ruthlessly and unequivocally "reveal, unmask and destroy"
a good deal in the wider world of social and political institutions, that is
"corrupt, outworn and dead."

The continuing, unstoppable advance of the People's War in the more than
three and one half years since the capture of President Gonzalo has, just as
"ruthlessly", "revealed" the true face of the Peruvian revolution; it is not
a "Gonzalo" war" or a "Central Committee war".  It is a "People's War", a
war heroically waged by the masses against all that is "corrupt, outworn and
dead", a war that is deaf to the admonitions of professional "theorists" and
the pronouncements of fair-weather "revolutionaries."

During this time, a small but noisy collection of the latter have sought to
continue lining their pockets, financially and politically, with the blood
of the Peruvian revolutionaries.  Grouped impecuniously around the figure of
Robert ("Bob") Avakian and calling themselves, modestly, the "Revolutionary
Internationalist Movement," they have seen their stock decline precipitously
over the past forty-four months.

They are, in short, an institution far past its prime.

Beaten badly by Fujimori's own concoction of "peace accords"--a hapless
episode that exposed the darkly comedic nature of an organization purporting
to speak for millions who "have nothing to lose but their chains,"--they
have belatedly raised the "red flag" in a vainglorious attempt to save their

It won't wash.  The truth is, "RIM" was never anything more than an
extension of the "Revolutionary Communist Party, USA" and its nominal
leader, Avakian. Since its inception, "RIM" has been a ghost entity, wholly
innocent of any party or group (other than the PCP) that amounts to a hill
of beans.  It is bereft of any theory other than that put forth by Avakian
and a tiny handful of RCP loyalists.  Its Kafkaesque magazine ("A World to
Win") is barely published (once in the last two years) and has virtually no
influence anywhere.  Its minions are increasingly unwelcome in revolutionary
countries (Raymond Lotta was given the bum's rush by the National Democratic
Front in the Philippines last fall, when he arrived to hunt up an alternate
"revolutionary" movement to replace RIM's declining fortunes with the PCP).
The Nepalese "People's War" as such is a fiction.

Why then, do otherwise (I assume) sensible people cling tenaciously to an
institution that has been shown to be "outworn and dead"?  What can be their
reasons for supporting an organization (for that is what they are in fact
doing) that has all but betrayed the Peruvian revolution?

Why do a few supporters of the PCP and the People's War jib at endorsing the
Call for a World Mobilization Commission, a Call that fully embodies the
principles of a cause to which we are all friendly, and to which we have all
sworn varying degrees of support?   Comrades Oleachea and Arce Borja have
proven themselves to be as courageous and principled opponents of the
fascist Fujimori as can be found anywhere.  They are as an implacable enemy
of Peruvian reaction abroad as the PCP itself.

Are we to forsake them in favor of Avakian and the RIM, which, as far as I
know, have had virtually no impact one way or another on the situation in
Peru, other than through the good offices of self-promotion?

It is time, my friends, to junk Mr Avakian in all his numerous incarnations
and oxymorons--Avakian "thought", the RIM, the RCP, World to Win,
"Revolutionary Worker," etc.

Having done so, we can move forward with the Call for a World Mobilization,
with cmrdes Oleachea and Arce Borja and the many thousands of others who
stand ready to rebuild the communist international on a sound ideological
and political basis, and in a locale where the rumblings of revolution are
definitely in the wind.

Once again, I say:

Support the Call

Do it now.

                           Louis Godena

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