The collapse of capitalism

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Sun May 5 10:10:31 MDT 1996

On Sat, 4 May 1996 23:01:13 +0200, m-14970 at (Hugh
Rodwell) wrote:

>Brian C, in a fit of nit-picking, wrote:
>>How does capitalism "break...the limits of...nature"?
>Of nature meaning the physical universe, not at all.
>Of nature meaning sustaining human society, human life, animal and plant
>life, capitalism breaks its limits by pollution of different kinds that
>sterilizes, poisons, suffocates, deforms, mutilates and starves.

Oh, like that great capitalistic environmental hell hole called
Eastern Europe?  Now I'm trying to think, what was the name of that
capitalistic nation that polluted the Earth with radioactivity when a
reactor it managed in Chernobyl malfunctioned?  Which capitalistic
nation was that, now?

>But perhaps you don't care?

I do care about environmental degradation, which is why I oppose
socialist/communist forms of government which encourage it.


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