The Maoist Wars 2/2

Robert Malecki malecki at
Mon May 6 00:43:34 MDT 1996

>I am going to grasp the nettle: under what conditions would the
>PCP agree to talk to the Fujimori government? Why doesn't it name
>them, as high as it likes, having adjusted its initial ideas to get the
>maximum amount of credibility from the many progressive sections of the
>Chris B, London.
In reality, Chris,s long two letter "What is happening to the Maoists on
this list" is nothing other then a slick cover of in fact the same maoist
ideology. The above is the whole question. Chris,s advice is basically make
the deal. Build a popular front with the  "progressive" sections of the
population is in fact a deal with the liberal bourgeoisie.

This has nothing to do with Leninism. A deal allah Chris has always been the
line of Mensheviks who are not prepared to go all the way with the masses.
But in fact behind their backs in the end betraying them for minister posts..

malecki in exile...

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