The Maoist Wars 2/2

Luis Quispe lquispe at
Mon May 6 01:00:03 MDT 1996

> In reality, Chris,s long two letter "What is happening to the Maoists on
> this list" is nothing other then a slick cover of in fact the same maoist
> ideology. The above is the whole question. Chris,s advice is basically make
> the deal. Build a popular front with the  "progressive" sections of the
> population is in fact a deal with the liberal bourgeoisie.
What popular front are you talking about Malacki? The liberal bourgeosie
does not participate in the Peruvian revolution. The workers, peasants
and petty bourgeosie do. They are not liberal at all. They are
Communists. The petty bourgeosie are the students, teachers, State
employees, street vendors...all in a situation of misery and poverty.
These are the progressive sections of tge population and all fight
under the leadership of the preletariat through its communist Party.

> This has nothing to do with Leninism. A deal allah Chris has always been the
> line of Mensheviks who are not prepared to go all the way with the masses.
> But in fact behind their backs in the end betraying them for minister posts..
"My malacki" you are getting worse, the national bourgeoisie does not
participate in the revolution even thought they were hit hard by the
privatizations and ultra liberal economic policies of the fascist regime.
What is your excuse for not openly support the People's War?
There is none. You better keep kicking out the side kick of Olachea, Martens,
that we don't have time to reply his garbage.
> malecki in exile...
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