The collapse of capitalism

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Speaking of polluting the earth, Brian Carnell saracastically beats
up on the Soviet Union because of Chernobyl.

Brian said to Hugh Rodwell,
> Oh, like that great capitalistic environmental hell hole called
> Eastern Europe?  Now I'm trying to think, what was the name of that
> capitalistic nation that polluted the Earth with radioactivity when a
> reactor it managed in Chernobyl malfunctioned?  Which capitalistic
> nation was that, now?

Brian goes on to tell Rodwell,
> I do care about environmental degradation, which is why I oppose
> socialist/communist forms of government which encourage it.

  Brian Carnell spouts a bunch of "ignorant bull s-it" about socialist
forms of government encouraging environmental degradation. Chernobyl was
a bad scene, and no one in their right mind, would say otherwise. But,
it was an accident, not a delibert act by a socialist government. I
can't say the same about the hundreds on incidents each year, where
businesses get caught, dumping industrial wastes, in someone else's back
  If Carnell wants to check the "puppy's breath" maybe he should do some
checking on the U.S. We popped a reacter up at Idaho Falls in the 50's.
I'm pretty sure, either us, or Canada, had one got screwed up in Canada
also, that no one talks about. And, what about "Three Mile" Island? Or,
that capitalist effort to build a nuclear power plant right across a
known earthquake fault, on the west coast? If that capitalist boondoggle
had ever been completed, it would have "freaked up" half the western
states, with the first earthquake. How about all those sheep dieing out
in Navada? Brian should take a little plane ride, back and forth, over
Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, he might see all the gashes in the
earth from the strip mines put there by the "rich communists" who owned
the coal mines.. And, how about the sewers of most U.S. coastal cities
which spew out all the corruption into the oceans for a hundred miles.
It don't all come from toilets. How about the love canal. I guess it was
the communistic industrialists who freaked up the love canal with their
industrial wastes. How about the great lakes. There ain't much fish in
the great lakes anymore. And, if anyone catches a fish in the great
lakes, you better not eat it.
  I expect Brian would blame pollution in the great lakes on communism
or socialism. If Brian did some checking, he might find out 90 percent
of the pollution created in this country, and in Europe, comes from
industrial wastes created by capitalists. I can go on, and on, and on,
if Brian wants.
  Russia certainly did it's share of "freaking up" the environment, but
the environment is a lot cleaner in Russia, then in the U.S.
  If Carnell is as concerned about degrading the environment, as he is
on tearing down the socialist state, how come his friends Bob Dole, and
Newt Gingrigh, want to do away with the EPA?

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