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>Once upon a time, so it goes, there was a child claimed by two women as
>their own. Neither would give up their claim, so they were presented to the
>all-wise king. (In islamic story-telling, he is a Caliph, successor to the
>The all-wise king said, "ok women, I take my sword and divide the baby in
>two, and each of you shall have half". The real mother cried to the king
>that she was giving up her claim, so that her child would live. The all-wise
>king gave the child to the real mother.
>Peruvian comrades, you are hurting the cause of the Peruvian people. I think
>many people on this list, including myself, are beginning getting repulsive
>feelings when the word Peru is mentioned.
>Unfortunately, there is no way either of you can prove your case on the
>internet or on any mailing list. This is not the real world, it is a virtual
>Also unfortunately, there is no all-wise king here, but rest assured,
>history will take care of that sometime.
>So, will the real mother please stop this exchange of slander and save the
>dignity of the Peruvian fighters, with whom I stand in solidarity.

Dear Zeynep:

I understand your feelings, but I cannot share your interpretation of the
Salomonic fable.  It was the true mother the one that preferred that the
baby was kept intact rather than split even at the risk that the impostor
may get official possession of him.

We - and I mean here Luis Arce Botja and myself who are the targets of this
imposture, not for our personal qualities, good or bad or middling as they
may be, but because we advocate a line and defend a view of the Peruvian
revolution that is incompatible with those making a caricature of it and
striving to destroy it by any means possible if they are not allowed to
continue playing with they "toy rattle" - we, I repeat, have never claimed
to be the owners of the creature - besides the fact that a true people's
revolution IS the cause of all progressive humanity -  but as even the
impostor Quispe cannot deny, were are THE BABY'S FRIENDS, and most right
thinking people would accept that we have proven, over the years to be true

Chairman Mao Tse-tung - whatever your opinion may be of him - was a great
revoltionary leader and had much practical experience of making revolution,
always made the point that distinguishing friends from enemies was a
"question of PARAMOUNT importance for the revolution".  And this is not an
idle mantra, but a profound and practical truth.

Now here we have a case that may appear to you as a dispute among
revolutionaries about interpretations of this or that text.  That is not the
case any longer.  The case now is one of who is the impostor?  Because what
we see is a case of imposture and fabrication with serious ramifications for
the cause, not only of the Peruvian people, but of the people of the whole
world including those here in this list.

Struggle - under the conditions of class society - is always ugly and
excesses are committed in it which can appal those who are not very aware of
the issues involved, but without struggle nothing is advanced in the world.

In that sense, I must disagree with your recommendation since it would lead
to a split whre no split is necessary, since the question is not any longer
a question of "two-line struggle" but of unmasking a real enemy posing as
the the voice of the baby in question.

We have never claimed to be the "baby", or evn the "baby's mother", but as
true friends we do claim to know him and his true voice, and we have proven
that over many years, as even in Turkey is quite well known.

Now someone appears claiming - from deep anoynimity - to be the real voice
of the baby (despite sounding everyday more like the voice of an anarchist
mountebank and a swindler).  This person - because Quispe AND Ccorimanya are
in fact the same person - heaps abuse on the FRIENDS of the revolution in
Peru. Who would want to do that?  Only the enemies of someone would pour
abuse on the friends of that person.

These are the facts that now must be clearly established and we would have
to involve this list since here is where things have come to a boil -
something that was not at any time our intention. Who is this impostor?  Who
is behind him and his campaign against the FRIENDS of the revolution in
Peru?  In that, instead of bewailing questions of prestige which should not
in the least be our concern when there is revolutionary work to do, true
democrats, revolutionaries and socialists, must put their shoulder, help dig
the facts from the fiction and wild allegations, try to grasp the issues and
present them in an intelligible form for all of us to be able to draw
lessons that may serve in our respective struggles, and so REALLY help the
advance of the Peruvian revolution and the revolution in each of our
respectives countries in the world.  Then negative would have turned into

We live in an era in which the enemies of the people are using new and more
refined methods of the old trick of waving the red flag to oppose the red
flag. These methods of psychological warfare, infiltration, planting of
agents and building up of bogus figures which can be used as ammunition
against the peoples revolutions are intensifying and becoming more cunning
every day.

However, the human spirit cannot be conquered by bourgeois technologies of
anykind, and I am sure that in the end, each one of us will have undergone a
real education in real revolutionary/counter-revolutionary warfare in the
ideo-political realm, no matter how off putting that may look at the present
time.  Revolutionaries must fear no difficulties and persevere through the
dark and threatening moments, combating and resisting, instead of just
giving up in despair with a "plague on both your houses" easy way outs.
"Revolution is not the Nevsky prospect". How right comrade Lenin always was!

Adolfo Olaechea

PS:  I do now consider the "debate" aspect with the impostor Quispe as
finally over, since there is nothing more we can add to our already clear
exposure of his aims and methods.  Our orinal thesis has been proved:
Quispe is working to butress the Avakian revisionists and is acting on their
behalf as a "secret weapon" of this counter-revolutionary sect.

The time has come now for explanations and clarifications of what went on so
that everyone may see the issues that have raised such a dust storm.  That
will be a matter for everybody in the list and may last for a few days.  It
is a task that does not correspond only to myself, but also principally to
those calling themselves Maoists in this list - as well as to those
regarding themselves as friends of the people's war in Peru.

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