French Unions to Protest at Summit

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Mon May 6 18:59:11 MDT 1996

 LYON, France, May 4 (Reuter) - French labour unions announced plans on
Saturday for protest demonstrations during next month's G7 summit in Lyon,
saying the world's seven biggest industrial powers were doing too little to
combat poverty.

    ``One person in three on the planet -- a billion individuals -- lack
acess to basic social services, some 20 million people are victims of
AIDS...13 million people in the developing world are refugees, and things are
going to get worse in 1996,'' an ad hoc group of four unions in France's
Rhones-Alpes region said.

    ``The G7 heads of state are responsible for this situation...where human
needs are no longer of concern,'' the group said in a joint statement.

    The unions said they planned an initial protest march in the central city
of Lyon on June 25, two days before the start of the three-day G7 summit.

    A public debate on ``the globalisation of the economy and social rights''
was set for June 26, they said.

    Their statement said that significantly reducing the work week was one
way the G7 leaders could create new jobs.

    Last month, some 100 non-governmental groups united in an association
called Reprenons l'Initiative (Let's Seize Back the Initiative), said they
planned a ``counter-summit'' during the Lyon meeting, to discuss the lot of
the world's poor regions.

    Organisers said that representatives of countries including Iraq, Algeria
and Cuba would discuss impoverished Africa, trade embargoes, food needs,
foreign debt and war criminals in Rwanda and former Yugoslavia.

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