Maoist Revolution in Nepal

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Mon May 6 21:53:05 MDT 1996

Louis Godena has suggested in a recent posting to this list that, "The
Nepalese 'People's War' as such is a fiction." The Comrade editors of The
New Flag have correctly rebuked him for this, reminding us all that the
MPP's position is one of saluting this spark of armed struggle -- even
though it is small it is badly needed now. All genuine proletarian
internationalists ought to adopt this same position.

Although some on this list might doubt the reality of the Maoist
revolution in Nepal, the reactionary regime in Nepal takes the people's
war seriously -- dispatching 1500 armed personnel to (unsuccessfully)
attempt to snuff out the flames of communist revolution.

Even the bourgeois press has been forced to run (albeit distorted and
counter-revolutionary stories) acknowledging the reality of the people's
war. Here is a recent such item posted on the soc.culture.nepal newsgroup:-

>				   Copyright 1996
>                             Deutsche Presse-Agentur
>                       April 27, 1996, Saturday, BC Cycle
>                           05:50 Central European Time
> SECTION: International News
> LENGTH: 320 words
> HEADLINE: Police kill one in  Nepal  campaign against Maoists
> DATELINE: Kathmandu
>  BODY:
>     Police opened fire and killed a man after coming under attack by suspected
> leftist terrorists in a village in Ru-kum district 450 kilometers west of the
> Nepalese capital Kathmandu, an official news agency reported Saturday.
>     The RSS agency said police fired after they were attacked by a group of 12
> knife-wielding "terrorists" who had been hiding in a house in Chuwang village.
>     The man killed by police was one of the attackers, the agency said. The
> other 11 fled the scene, where police confiscated arms and ammunition.
>     At least 30 people have been killed so far in a two and half month old
> Maoist insurgency. Twenty-eight have been killed in far west  Nepal  alone, said
> to be the stronghold of extreme leftist communists because of poverty and
> underdevelopment.
>     The coalition government is conducting a police campaign to "crush" the
> Maoists and has drawn criticism from human rights groups which have questioned
> what they regard as repressive tactics.  dpa sb vc

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