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Has anyone here read a book called <BEIJING TURMOIL--More than
meets the eye>?  Author: Che Muqi.  Published by Foreign
Language Press, Beijing.

The Book is a detailed examination of the events leading up to
the 1989 Tiananmen incident written by a journalist who favors
the line of the Communist Party of China.  Here is an excerpt:

<<Reactionary forces intervened:

Demonstrators spent about 100,000 yuan each day . . .Donations
came from the United States, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Chiang
wei-kuo, the son of Chiang kai-shek, initiated "Sending a
Loving Heart to Tian an men" and took the lead in donating NT$
100,000.  Li Changyi, member of the Kuomintang Central
Executive Committee, started a donation movement for NT$ 100
million to set up the "Foundation for Supporting the Democratic
Movement on the Mainland." Some people in Hong Kong collected
donations from among the citizens in the name of supporting the
hunger strike and declared the amassing of HK$ 30 million,
which were taken to Beijing in batches.  On May 28, for
example, the "Hong Kong Support Group" came to Beijing and
delivered US$ 650,000 and HK$ 2 million to the students at
Tiananmen Square.  The reactionary forces overseas provided
them no only with a large amount of money, but all kind of
material and equipment, such as walkie talkies, broadcasting
equipment and tents, to back up the students in fighting a
"protracted war."  The donations totaled more than a million US
dollars and tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars.">>

(Beijing Turmoil, 21)

I am a US citizen, raised in the Washington DC area, who has
lived in Scotland, Colombia, the Republic of Turkey, the
Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, and the People's Republic of
China.  I was in Beijing during the years 1993-94.

I would like to know if many here see the current form of
"Chinese Communism" (or Socialism with Chinese
characteristics") as any real form of Communism or Socialism
based on Marxist theory?  OR is it merely a fraud?

Sincerest greetings,

A man called Wei En Lin.

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