Maoist Revolution in Nepal

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Tue May 7 07:17:19 MDT 1996

At 01:53 PM 5/7/96, "C" from the Committee for a Revolutionary Communist
Party of Australia wrote:

>Louis Godena has suggested in a recent posting to this list that, "The
>Nepalese 'People's War' as such is a fiction." The Comrade editors of The
>New Flag have correctly rebuked him for this, reminding us all that the
>MPP's position is one of saluting this spark of armed struggle -- even
>though it is small it is badly needed now. All genuine proletarian
>internationalists ought to adopt this same position.

Mr. "C":

       I stand by my original post which correctly stated that the actions
by the Nepalese Communist Party (ML) did not, in fact, constitute a
"People's War" in the sense of that waged in Peru.   The action on April
25th, like similar actions on April 9-10th and in early February (a bank
holdup, the assassination of a policeman) are similar to occurrances in
other countries in the region.  Remnants of the old PKI in Indonesia have
consistently carried out similar forays in the past four or five years,
according to Reuters and other news services.

The term "People's War", as it is applied to the Kingdom of Nepal, it should
be noted, does not pass from the lips of the revolutionaries themselves; no,
it is a term coined in their name by the malefactors of the Committee (yet
one more) of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.

The PKI has not so far had the temerity to call their growing struggle a
"People's War," nor have they needed a "Bob" Avakian or a Co-RIM or a
"committee" of small bourgeoisie in an "advanced" capitalist country to
render their imprimatur on what essentially is still a prepatory stage to a
full fledged struggle of the toiling masses (aka "People's War").

The real story behind the "People's War" in Nepal is not the fighters in
that country, nascently seeking to prepare the ground to overthrow
imperialism and local reaction, advancing, then retreating, then advancing
again--success and failure existing side by side in a complex and difficult
task.  The real story lies thousands of miles away in the plush capitals of
the imperialist countries, in the bucolic offices of the stampeded,
overwrought bureaucrats in Co-RIM, desperately seeking a reason--any
reason--to justify their continuing on the revolutionary payroll.  Here is
Lenin on the political forebears of Mr. "Bob" and his cohorts:

"'At least we make an infernal noise'--such is the slogan of many
revolutionary-minded individuals who have been caught up in the maelstrom of
events and who have neither theoretical principles or social roots."

It is to these "noisy trends" that the luminaries of the Co-RIM (whose
physiognomy is emerging more and more clearly) also belong.

For years they have trafficked in the death and destruction in Peru,
exhorting others to violence, sucking vicariously the treasure earned by the
blood of thousands to line their own pockets, and over it all hangs Mr.
"Bob" and his lumpen compatriots safe in their universities and country
houses, moving like a low-grade virus from one "revolution" to another.

The struggle in Nepal will stand or fall--not by the elegies of people like
Mr. "C" or the Co-RIM--but by the work done AMONG THE MASSES (my emphasis),
like the work done by the PCP among the toilers in Peru for nearly TWENTY
YEARS prior to 1980.

This, clearly, will not do for the luminaries of Co-RIM, weaned on the
"instant gratification" and gimcrack "ecstasy" of the 1960s.  Like
crack-crazed Balmashovs, they constantly need new violence, new war, new
killing, to breathe joy and purpose into their own shabby little lives.
Lenin, again:

  "[Adventurism] has the immediate effect of simply creating a short-lived
 sensation, while indirectly it even leads to apathy and passive waiting
for the next BOUT."

The Co-RIM may have arrived at the "fabulous, howling stupidity" that their
autocracy can be "saved" by the heroic struggle in Nepal.  Mr. "C" and
others, who by the way do not have the slightest acquaintance with Nepal,
can even repeat this nonsense.

They should not then go on to commit the solecism of calling themselves
"genuine proletarian internationalists."

                         Louis Godena

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