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Tue May 7 12:15:49 MDT 1996


Debate away, but keep a few points in mind;

1- This is a mailing list, not the real world. There are limitations to what
can be proven just by words.
2- I don't object to anybody's wish to expose who one thinks is an impostor,
and harming the revolution. But, the slandering hurts the revolution.
Bourgeois press and governments use these types of "mud-swinging" similar to
the one that has been going on here.
3- If you are trying to convince others in the list, you must make your
points in a more understandable form.

Believe me, I'm not bothered at all by what one says in the list. Actually,
I don't really care. Anyone who doesn't want to read, use the delete key, or
page-down. Simple. What bothers me is the practical implications of such.
I've witnessed similar "debates" here, often it ends as "..and the winner
is, the bourgeoisie."

People in the list may be thinking "why is she always so upset about how we
debate". It is not because I believe in good manners, sometimes I don't. I
worry about how the bourgeoisie uses the divisions in any party, movement,
struggle. No joke here, this is a serious issue.

My analogy in the fable was that a true revolutionary assesses the affects
of his/her actions on the whole struggle, the baby if you will. If you truly
believe that the current method of the debate is helping the Peruvian
struggle, then do go on as is, and I'm not saying this in a cynical manner.

I think of Marx and the Paris Commune as an example. He had tons to say in
criticism of the Commune, which he kept to himself for the time being, and
endorsed the commune wholeheartedly when it was fighting. (Again, please,
don't take this as a direct analogy and look for Peruvian counterparts)


>Chairman Mao Tse-tung - whatever your opinion may be of him - was a great
>revoltionary leader and had much practical experience of making revolution,
>always made the point that distinguishing friends from enemies was a
>"question of PARAMOUNT importance for the revolution".  And this is not an
>idle mantra, but a profound and practical truth.

I do think Mao Tse-tung was a great revolutionary leader, though I don't
accept much of Maoist theory as it stands, no offense. As for distinguishing
the friends from enemies, this is possible only in real life through
painstaking effort, which I'm sure Chairman Mao himself would agree.

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