Rolf M. in bed with imperialism...

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Tue May 7 13:39:14 MDT 1996

Hello all.

if you didnt know it before, you see here Malignki in bed with
swedish premier Greenie (Groenan) Prsson and his friends
and masters.

at the recent socialdamoratic party congress, on 16-17 March,
it was decided to advocat the horrible proposal to close
doen and destro one  of the 12 perfectly well functioning
nuclear power reactors in this contry, or 4% of its electricity
generating capacaty.

It's a destruction of values for some § 5 million thats's being
advocated. The other bourgeois parties so far have made as good
as no protest against this seeming madness.

What's going on i a part of a "green" world war against the
masses. The international bougreoisie fear that if indistry,
technology and science develop further in certain inmportant
respects, conditions will ripen for evolution.

Marx in aa speech in London on 14.04.1856 pointed out i.a.
"Steam, electricity and spinning machine were revolutionaries of
a much more dangerous character than even the citizens Barb*es, Raspail 
and Blanqui". He saw this trend within the bourgeoisie, even at that time.
Today, it's the *dominating* trend with those people.

Who're going to pay for the destruction, if it takes place?
The workers, and also the oppressed people, who'll be asked to
"cotribute more", i.e. get even more exploites.

What's taking place today is something even much worse than the
old Inquisition's prohibting astronomy in the 17th century.

Of cours I'm combating these destructive and counterrevolutionary
plan all I can. Behind the internationally are above all the
U.S. imperialists and to a certain extent also the Russian new
tsarists. The main forces of the bourgeoisie today are either
subservient to them or else directly in with them

Those are the people that Malignki is in bed with. What I'm doing
is defending vital interests of the proletariat.

Rolf M.

>Rolf Martens super maoist revolutionary , is claiming above that
>"reactionary and peoples enemies" are trying to get nuclear energy sources 
>turned off. 
>In fact he has it a little bit backwards. It is the Swedish capitalists and 
>their german imperialist friends that control all of the interests in Atomic 
>energy here in Sweden.  

>The enemies he is talking about are the greens and Euro-communists.
>Neither are enemies of the people. 

>In fact Martens himself is blocking with the swedish Capitalists and their 
>german,french and finnish partners as a progreesiv (?) force
>who are being atttacked by the greens and the Euro-Communists.
>Funny how strange ones bed partners become with maoist ideology!
>Martens and his maoist friends are desperate when they quite openly ally 
>themselves time and again with the enemies of the working class
>because of their "anti-imperialist" world outlook.
>This is the same person claiming to defend the "people,s war" in Peru.
>Sooner or later Martens will betray the Peruvian workers when they decide to 
>make a deal with the "progressive" parts of the liberal bougeoisie in Peru 
>as "anti-imperialist allies..Time and again the maoists have sided with one 
>wing of bougeoisie against the other and betrayed poor and working class 
>Break with all wings of Maoism and especially Martens brand of the lunatic 
>malecki in exile...
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