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Tue May 7 15:09:04 MDT 1996

Hello Zynep,

>Debate away, but keep a few points in mind;

>2- I don't object to anybody's wish to expose who one thinks is an impostor,
>and harming the revolution. But, the slandering hurts the revolution.

>3- If you are trying to convince others in the list, you must make your
>points in a more understandable form.

Please then try my posting on 04.05: "The Avakian-Qiuspe-T.P. impostor
group exposted". But I fear that if you don't understand comrade
Oleachea's agrumentation, which is pretty clear, I think, you'll
not understand mine either.

>I do think Mao Tse-tung was a great revolutionary leader, though I don't
>accept much of Maoist theory as it stands, no offense.

None taken. It's good that you don't mind us Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong
andherents debating. But what you call "slandering" obviously in
part at least refers to exposing the impostors. *This' has been done,
using words, and not at all "hurts the revolution" but on the
contrary, such thimgs are essential to revolution.

Rolf M.

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