Closure on the Nicaragua debate

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Wed May 8 11:05:27 MDT 1996

I'm not sure if Jim Miller has any better sense of humor than Quispe, but
let me just explain that there is no such story as "Death on the Pampas",
no entry on "Exposures" in the upcoming Encyclopedia of the American Left
and, finally, there is nothing in his "analysis" of FSLN failure that
strikes me as being particularly Marxist. It reminds me more of the type
of moralizing that goes on in conventional bourgeois politics.

There comes a time, however, when a debate on this list reaches a point of
diminishing returns. I congratulate Jim for keeping me involved for a
month or so, but it is time to bid farewell and for me to move on to other

I want to thank him for being such a worthy adversary. By being such a
stubborn defender of a set of silly, ultraleft ideas, he has helped me
demonstrate to others (Jon Flanders, Gary McClennan) why events in
Nicaragua could not have reached the happy conclusion we all desired. We
are, alas, living in a period in history where happy endings are reserved
almost exclusively for the capitalist class since the relationship of
class forces are more favorable for them since they've been since the

This is bound to change, but that change will not be based on sheer
will-power on the part of revolutionaries. The change is actually in the
offing as the wages and living-standards of the working-class of the
advanced capitalist countries is being driven down. In the next big upturn
of the working-class worldwide, new forms of organization and new ways to
develop a revolutionary program will develop. This is the reason I find the
Zapatistas in Mexico so interesting. They seem more tuned in to the needs
of revolution in the 21st century than the Russia-1917 obssessed groups
that haunt this list and the left in general.

Louis Proyect

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