Unemployment and the trade unions

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Wed May 8 13:11:01 MDT 1996


An interesting fight is going on here between the trade union
bureaucracy,the bosses organisation and the Social Democratic Government.
The problem is the record high mass unenmployment in this former welfare
state. As the cuts in unemployment insurance are forcing more and more
people on to social welfare and unemployment continues to rise as the
companies streamline and rationalise to meet the growing inter-imperialist
competition a fight on how to solve the problem of mass unemployment has
broken out.

In reality the fight is surpose to be about the tens of thousands of workers
in Sweden on the dole but in reality, the issue is being used by the various
combatants to futher their own interests and hardly the interests of the

The Social democratic government forced the tradeunions in to discussing
with the bosses organisations the question of liberalising the laws around
which workers are hired and fired. The governments "position" is that the
two organisations must take their "national responsibility" in fighting

So they have been discussing. Naturallly the bosses are interested in taking
away two key points from the unions. The principle of last in, first out and
the period of time and employer can employ a person on trial. This period is
six months and the bosses want at least a year if not more. The trade union
bureaucrats have categorically refused to accept the hard won gain of last
in, first out principle. But appear to be willing to make a compromise on
the amount of time that the bosses can employ a person on trial.

Today the negoiations broke down. The government immediately stepped in and
demanded that the partners sit down and make a deal. Other wise the
government itself would change the laws. The goverment also said that the
package for sending unemployed workers to school and other purposals to
lighten the burden for workers on the dole has been stopped. This meaning
that the Social Democratic party does not want to take responsibility for
changing the laws by themselves. They need the trade union bureaucracy to do
this dirty work for them. Its just that the trade union bureaucrats are
really beginning to feel the pressure from below and finf themselves in a

A couple of years ago the Social democratic party one sidely supported a law
for forbidding strikes. There was such and outrage about this that some
heads had to roll while they quickly retreated from this position..

And now it appears that the situation is once again becoming a major factor
between the trade union bureaucracy and the party about making these anti
trade union anti worker policies go through.

A party here in Sweden really has the opportunity to use this situation to
the max. If it had a organisation that went out and naturally defended the
trade unions against these attacks while at the same time telling the truth
to the workers that the social democratic party is incapable of defending
the working class or the welfare state. Only a fighting working class that
is prepared to go all the way by putting its own candidates forward on a
program that can save the welfare state and go forward to a state which
works entirely for the toilers.

It is only by cleaning out the trade union bureaucrats and the Social
democratic party who have helped the bosses in this country to bring the
welfare state to its downfall..

Forward to a workingclass government based on the tradeunion program of
defending and take the welfare state forward....

malecki in exile

PS: Will keep the list imformed about the titanic Sweden and its fall into
the brink...

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