Blocking with cops is unprincipled..

Luis Quispe lquispe at
Wed May 8 23:35:33 MDT 1996

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> >Rolf M.
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> I do not like the fact that both Aldolfo and Martens appear happy to see
> real cops taking out their political opponents..
> malecki in exile...
> Robert, that has been the political record of individuals like Olaechea,
you will see that after their plan to set-up Luis with the Zodiac (who
is working closely with them) very soon will reveal the names of
alleged supporters of the People's War so their relatives can be
murdered by the deaths squads of Fujimori. They are not Maoist at all,
that is not the line nor the practice of the PCP, they are as bogus as
the "peace letters" of the Peruvian regime. Good job with the
"solidarity man" who is making fool of himselg by posting to
soc.culture.japan his garbage. Greetings and thank you.
Luis is safe away from the city until the pigs' sniff past. He is
writing an ideological essay On Contradiction that we will post soon.


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